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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 1 decade ago

The book Dangerously Alice?

I want a few spoilers from the book Dangerously Alice by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, please! I can't get it so explain what happens please!


Please answer I really want to know becaus none of our bookstores sell The Alice Books.

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    In the book Dangerously Alice, Alice finds out that the popular crowd call her MGT, which stands for Miss Goody Two-shoes. So when a senior, named Tony walks into her class and asks her to the Snow Ball, a big high school dance, in front of everyone she is really happy, and say yes. Alice, and Sylvia get into a big fight, because Alice is allowed to drive with her friends in the car now and they were all planning on going out to a club, but the day they planned to go out, she finds out that her dad is at a meeting in Baltimore and won’t be home until ten, and Sylvia is going to a teacher’s retirement dinner that night so Alice can’t take her car either. So when Sylvia gets home Alice asks her not to tell her dad about the fight. Sylvia says she won’t, but Alice doesn’t believe her, so she hides in their closet to see if Sylvia does tell her dad. Sylvia doesn’t tell her dad but Alice hears them, having sex. Alice goes to the dance with Tony and has a good time. Pamela is also at the dance, a guy named Tim asked her. Pamela has to be home at twelve thirty, but Alice didn’t have to be home until one. So her and Tony drive to a soccer field, where they talk and kiss until one. Then one day at school a guy motorcycle, who was a friend of Tony’s , came by. Tony calls Alice over and asks his friend to take Alice for a ride, Alice gets on the motorcycle and they drove around for a few minutes, then he took her back to school. When Alice goes to the newspaper meeting that day, Scott says they need to come up with something different, that they are just doing the same stuff. Later at home Alice comes up with an idea and calls Scott to tell him. He says it is a good idea and if she writes a good story they will run it, but say they didn’t give permission for it. So Alice calls Elizabeth to see if she would do it with her. Liz says she will. So Alice and Liz plan a night to go out on town and pose as runaways. They have Tony, and Don, another guy from the newspaper, there to take picture and make sure they are safe. Alice writes the paper and turns it in, and Scott thinks it is good so he runs it, but doesn’t use names, but everyone finds out it was Alice and Liz anyway. When Alice goes to work at the Melody Inn, she finds out that Sylvia knows that she was on a motorcycle during school hours, Marilyn tells her, Sylvia know about it because she was at the Melody Inn that day because Alice’s dad left his glasses in her car, and Sylvia saw her on the motorcycle. Alice remembers that she and they guy did drive by the Melody Inn, and had to stop out front at a red light. Alice wonders why Sylvia doesn't tell her dad, so she asks her, and Sylvia says it is because later that day Alice said she had done something that she would never do again. A few days later Tony asks Alice if she wants a ride home, and she says yes. In the car Alice and Tony talk about the paper, and the article she had just written. She say she doesn’t know how he gets his sports article in on time, and he says it is a computer program, and that they will stop by his house and he will show her how to do it. Alice asks him who is home, and he says his mom will be soon. Later up in his room he tries to tries to go all the way with her, but she stops him after a while. A few days later some of Alice’s friend call to ask if she wants to go with them to a steak house, and she says she will, but they also go to a party, not just the steak house. When Alice gets to the house where the party is she finds out that people have been, and still are, drinking. When Alice, Pamela, and Liz get ready to leave they find out that the guy who gave them a ride to the party has all ready left. Pamela and Liz find people to ride with, but Alice doesn’t. There was a car that had space, but it was Brian’s, and she didn’t want to ride with him. A few minutes after he left they all heard a crash. Then they heard a siren. Someone gave Alice a bag of beer bottles, and told her to take it to the woods. She did what they told her to do, and when she was coming back she was stopped by a police officer. He asked her some questions, which she answered, while trying to find out who’s car it was and if anyone was hurt. She find out later that it was Brian’s car and a little kid was seriously injured. The book ends on New Years Eve, when Patrick calls and asks Alice to the Prom, which is still five months away, but Alice says yes anyway.

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  • 3 years ago

    Dangerously Alice

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    The book Dangerously Alice?

    I want a few spoilers from the book Dangerously Alice by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, please! I can't get it so explain what happens please!

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  • Sheila
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    4 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    The tags on this library's catalog of it suggest that it was in Maryland.

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