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Vanguard ACH transfer?

Is that really true?? On the website it says it takes 2 days. I'm thinking about not going with Vanguard now because that's too long to wait. The market could change in that time. Fidelity says they can do it by 4 pm the same day. That is disappointing because I really wanted the Vanguard 2035 Target Fund, not Fidelity's, which has a higher expense ratio and a lower rating. Vanguard's 2035 has a ZERO expense ratio!


But Stephen that .19% ratio is from 2007. On yahoo it says 0%:

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    1. Vanguard also offers wire transfers. The wire transfers are faster than the ACH transactions. Two days is correct for Vanguard ACH transactions. I do not know how long Fidelity takes.

    2. The Vanguard Target Retirement 2035 Fund has an expense ratio of 0.19%, not zero.

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