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Cycled 29-gallon; time to add the fish! Are these compatible?

I am planning on getting two dwarf gouramis, four to five guppies, and two african dwarf frogs. As far as I know, these are all compatible, but I really want to know if they are from other peoples' experiences.

Also, are there any other fish that I can add to the tank that are fairly colorful but are compatible with the other fish?

I know what order to add these animals into the tank, too. The dwarf frogs would go in first, of course, to get them used to their hiding places, of which there are many. Next would come the guppies, to both get the frogs used to the presence of fish in their tank, and to see how the frogs will react to them. After those two species are well established in the tank, the gouramis will go in, unless I want to add another small fish species... rummy-nose tetras, perhaps. See what I mean?

Also, would it be better to put two male gouramis in, or one male and one female? I don't want them frying, but I really don't want them fighting.


I keep forgetting to add that ADFs are way different than ACFs. >> The dwarf frogs may eat the guppies, but they definitely won't get big enough to eat much more than that. Besides, when there are larger fish in the tank, they usually remain hidden except to surface for air. I think there's little chance of the guppies being, well... missing in action.

Update 2:

I forgot to add that, too; all male guppies, of course. No way in hello I'm getting a mix of the two. I know too well how fast guppies breed.

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    Dwarf gouramis aren't generally horribly territorial, but some can be, so you might be safer with a male and female. Also, most fish are kinda tough to breed in a community tank environment. Thats why most breeders keep them in species tanks where they can better control the conditions to the preferences of that particular fish.

    Personally, I love zebra danios. They will get along well with most fish, and have similar water condition preferences to the other species you've mentioned. Zebra danios also come in a genetically altered variety called glo-fish. They have jelly-fish genes that cause them to be neon colors and glow in the dark. So that can be kinda fun, though not to my personal taste.

    You might also consider cherry shrimp and ramshorn snails. They're good and keeping your tank clean, and they are kinda fun to watch. I would be careful with tetras and rasboras, they are south american rather than asian and they like softer more acidic water than most of the species you've mentioned.

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    Most of the gouramis sold around here are all males (females aren't as colorful). If you get the chance to put in a male and a female you have a better chance than two males. I had two males in a 30 gal tank and had to move the one that was always hiding. I think a better choice would be a single dwarf gourami. I assume that when you said you don't want them frying you mean having fry. If you go with 5 guppies (male and female) then you are going to have fry.

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    African dwarf frog is kind of a misnomer. They will become large enough to eat guppies. For the love of God, PLEASE do NOT put them in a tank with guppies. They will also try to eat larger fish if possible.

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