Battlefield 2142 knifing tactics?

Ok so I bought battlefield 2142 and ive played it (im not to bad add venom_eater if you play) and i usually ONLY go on knife servers. I need a clear, instructional guide for knifing,cuz i suck at knifing. If you can post a link or write a guide here that would be awesome :). please i really need a guide cuz i cant take getting only 20 kills with a knife per round while everyone else gets 50+. THANKS!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Oh ranked servers that are knife only break the rules of whatever, you risk having your stats wiped if someone reports you or the server.

    But if you are not playing on ranked servers it's not a problem, just remember you don't need to be that close to knife someone, practice on your own team in single player to see the distance you can knife from.

    Also practice jumping and proning like an idiot, a stab in the foot is as deadly as a stab in the face.

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  • manzie
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    3 years ago

    Are you asking which one to get/purchase? i might pass with BF2. don't get the finished series or you're dropping $30. purchase standard BF2 because of fact the expansions now come unfastened with the a million.5 patch. Battlefield 2142 substitute right into a good sport, yet there are greater mods and greater gamers on BF2. purchase BF2 and inspect a mod called undertaking certainty, aimed in the direction of offering the participant with the main real looking gaming experience from the BF2 engine.

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  • 1 decade ago

    imarobot is right u could get in trouble for going on one of those servers but it takes time to get good at it srry i couldnt help more

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