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Is Pennetta stronger than Venus?

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    No. I think the reason Pennetta (and a few others) have had so much success against Venus recently is because Venus often hits short allowing her opponent to jump all over her short balls.When you don't play enough sometimes you can get into the habit of hitting short and safe.

    Their match today was a great example. In the first set most of Venus' balls were landing close to the service line which allowed Pennetta to dictate. By the second set Venus started hitting deeper and Pennetta had trouble keeping up.

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    no not at all.. i am very doubtfull of that.. she has no more power then what venus would have in her game...

    the only thing penneta has over venus is more consistency, sometimes more aggression and she knows how to take charge of venus's short shots, and will play and force venus to hit errors and cause venus to get tight.... penneta has also run into venus when venus has been in slumps, and not totally dialed on her game... had venus been in her peak say many years ago 2001 - 2003.. no way penetta would threaten venus the way she sometimes does today.

    but credit to pennetta, she is a scrappy determined crafy italian player..

    but venus showed pennetta her full game...

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    Mentally, erm. NO.

    but physically in a way, but her game is what beats venus, its very aggressive and she hates to lose, shes like a pitbull.

    : )

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