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Doctors and nurses?! what should i do??!!!!?

k so i just went pumpkin picking a little while ago and i was picking up all nthe pumpkins.

after about 20 25minutes i couldnt move my wrists

its still rly hard. i can move them but they feel heavy when i try and the fell better if i just let them flop down.

i have weak wrists but this has never happened before.

i can see my vains popping out

what should i do?! please help!!

p.s. i only sprained one before but both of them hurt.

answer please for 10 pts!

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please answer id rly appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


already tried heating it

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    put it in warm water or cold?

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    what you need to do is ice it, 10 min on 10 min off. take 2 aspirins also.. i play a lot of sports and i get things like this all the time... i have a pinched nerve so if it doesn't stop hurting go see your doctor..

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