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does anyone know where i can have my sweet 16 at a reasonable price? (in Chicago, IL)?

I want to plan my sweet 16, coming up in March, and I want it to be like a club. I have about 50 friends i want to invite and the thing is, I don't want to pay more than $10-$15 per person. I just can't afford that.

oh and it would be nice if there was a DJ included to the dance floor or what not. thanks for all the help you can give me!

Don't answer with stupid things like "try Chuck-E-Cheese"

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    Premonition Fashion. Its a cute girly store in Chicago and the rent out their store. Have music, food & decorations. you can email them at

    Source(s): I was at their Grand Opening. Awesome store
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    look n2 halls that is around were u live. if u no some one with a good size yard (summer) look @ the yellow pages, moose lodge,motels

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