Do articles on Obama like this bring Hitler to mind?

Go easy on the attacks. This is a serious question.I would like some serious answers. How many feel the same way? Am I alone ?

I had a friend who was German. (she is deceased) I asked her how did Hitler do it ? Her response was he promised to change the country and he gave the poor people hope . People loved him and most had no idea what was going on. She went on to describe the crowds.

When I read this article I thought of Hitler and how the crowds believed in his promises. They were so very desperate they clung to every word he said in hopes their lives would become better.


It was the AP photo on the left column of the crowd that started me thinking about my question.

AP – Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., right, waves as he arrives at a rally in …

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    I am German and my grandparents came to America in 1940 because my grandfather was either about to be imprisoned or executed...his crime? He wanted to marry an English woman. You see, the English were the enemy. Like todays Republicans, theyw ere the ones who saw through him and recognized his agenda. They didnt blindly follow him...they sat back and actually listened intently to what he was saying and put two and two together...

    Oh, yes. I have seen and heard, directly from the Obama's the things that my grandfather caught about Adolph Hitler. His own flag, his own salute. The Messiah, Der Fuhrer. Refusing to salute the flag. His wife hates America.

    The reason this presidential race has gotten so brutal and vulgar is because the liberal's are the blind followers and the conservatives are the ones who will be fleeing the country if Obama wins, because they wont be allowed to use their freedoms.

    I'm not really concerned about his winning...just because it is *speculated* that he will win, doesn't mean anything. Wait until either the travesty begins or is avoided and then deal with it. I mean, I've also heard, many, many times about impeachment or even snipers to deal with Obama should he win. Who knows whats going to happen in November? We just have to wait and thing for certain, though...the liberals have stirred up enough discord in this nation, dividing this entire country into a bitter battle, that I'm almost positive that there will be a race war if Obama does not win. The worst part about that is that it will be liberal to conservative. And Lib's being the passive ones and the conserves being the gun toters, now who do you think will claim victory?

    I will never, ever, ever respect another democrat as long as I live after all of this. To do this to their own country, using the freedoms and protections afforded them to attack the hand that feeds them is beyond all comprehension. To divide this country so bitterly - is condemnable. And to think, I used to be one of them. I'm ashamed. This is not what democracy is supposed to be about. We're supposed to strive for change in a peaceful manner...hard work and love for our fellow citizens. Not outright brutality, inciting riots, hatred and bigotry. The liberals of today are a far cry of the liberals of yesterday and yet they are fighting off of our backs. We got them this far and they are slapping us in the face with it. They are an outright disgrace to the movement. If Obama actually had our best interests at heart, there wouldn't be this huge a problem, but he doesn't and we know it.

    Take it from an old kids are following the wrong guy. He's not the one whos going to make that giant step for the cause. Put down the joint and open your eyes. You're heading off a cliff...

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    obama is not a Zionist. Iraq posed a threat to Israel. Saddam Hussein committed crimes against humanity. Iraq didn't cooperate with the UN and knew the consequences and continued to cross the line. we were forced to go to war with Iraq. if the same things happened in Africa obama has said he would use American troops to intervene.

    obama like Hitler is a very eloquent speaker. obama like Hitler has socialist views. obama like Hitler has has promised to rebuild the economy. Hitler strengthened the economy and made the people dependent on the government and gained their trust only to abuse that trust. IBM's social programs might work like Hitlers. Hitler was a fascist. anti Semitic fascists have endorsed obama. however when obama was the president of the Harvard law review didn't abuse his position to promote only blacks to the board. we do have checks and balances and have the right to protest without fear of imprisonment.

    we don't need to fear that obama will be another Hitler. but i just don't want my liberties or dreams jeopardized so we can tempoarily improve the lives of a few americans that are too lazy to improve them on their own

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    1 decade ago

    Its too bad all the people won't realize what a mistake they are making with Obama until after the election.

    The economy didn't take the downturn it is in now until the Democrats took control of the White House two years ago.

    McCain is not the savior from Obama but he is a better choice for what is going on right now.

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    My answer would be yes and no. I am Dutch myself and I distrust Senator Obama mainly because of the fact charismatic and seems to know how to appeal to the crowd. There are certain similarities to Hitler, but also to for example a Hugo Chavez. If he was running for president of the European Union I would be very afraid, because the democratic principles are not good in the EU. In my opinion Obama could do many wrong things, which will affect the US and the world, but would not become the dictator Hitler was to Germany, unless the democratic system in the US would change drastically.

    The most big problem Obama will have is towards foreign leaders like the president of Iran. I am afraid that if Obama is elected we will have a full blown war in the Middle East in which Russia will play a big role and Obama will simply sit back and does nothing about it.

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    Barack Obama is not Bush and neither is he Hitler! Both candidates have drawn crowds to their rallies, Obama's are just larger because he is the better choice for president. I hope you are registered and that you think hard before you decide to vote Republican. We CANNOT afford to have another Republican in the White House. In his own words, McCain has voted with the presidents policys 90% of the time. SCARY!!! Thousands of American soldiers have died in a unnecessary war when we should have been going after the real enemy. Billions of wasted dollars, it is obscene!

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    Haha. Nice try, hon.

    We could show a picture of a crowd gazing in rapt adoration at Sarah Palin, and point out that not only do her followers believe and support her, they threaten to kill her enemies. Then we could say that Palin reminds us of Hitler...wait, maybe she does. We should ask a question.

    But we are smarter than that. And we are serious too. You can look at campaigns in the 20th and 21st centuries in America and draw false parallels like yours. The best example would be Reagan. So I would say Obama's followers might be like Reagan's. Obama's followers, like Obama think things through. There is NO similarity between Adolph Hitler and Obama.

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    No, because Hitler was an extreme right-winger who preached bigotry, hatred, militarism and aggression, extreme nationalism, and extreme disdain for left-wing political parties. Hitler also emphasized that unpatriotic German citizens were destroying Germany from within.

    Obama does not subscribe to those philosophies. His opposition bears more similarities to Hitler and his policies.

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    The idiots who compare Obama with Hitler ignore one CRITICAL fact. Hitler focused hatred for innocent groups (Jews, Gypsies, etc.) as the basis for Germany's problems and rallied murderous mobs to do his bidding to exterminate them. He played hatred and racism, not hope for a better tomorrow for all.

    I ask you this: At whose campaign rallies have you seen hatred and racism running rampant? Did you see the CNN report from Western PA a couple of days ago where that asshole was waving a monkey with an Obama bumper sticker on it's head at the camera? And the crowd of uneducated, unwashed rabble-rousing retards were screaming "Hussein" and "Terrorist" and "Osama?"

    So, whose campaign is more Hitlerian? Deliberately or not? And how loudly have you heard McCain and Palin rebuke those assholes? When called to task, McCain gets uncomfortable and starts blinking rapidly and shifting his eyes from side to side before claiming that he says it's inappropriate. Any trained interrogator will tell you that the subject is being dishonest.

  • Ingrid
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    1 decade ago

    At the time Hitler came on the scene, everybody was desperate and anyone giving even a glimmer of hope would have gotten the support of the people.

    Hitler was an uneducated war monger and therein I see some similarities with McCain. Fight, fight, fight and that is extremely frightening.

    McCain Saturday said that Obama is joining the Socialist European Leaders. Will that get points of the wrong kind. Exactly what we do not need not now not ever. We need more Friends in the World, not less.

    Obama will unite us here and abroad. McCain will divide everybody.

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    If the guy is a con, he is a good one. I am very skeptical of this messiah status people are giving to a relative unknown. If he had a squeaky clean past or was forthcoming about things I would dismiss my thoughts and your question as nonsense. There is something calculating and not right about him. I feel it. There is nothing we can do but hope for the checks and balances of the system.

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