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What has better stopping power. 9mm hollowpoints or 45 acp?

Which is more effective in terms of stopping power, the 9mm jhp or .45 acp?

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    45 acp has more stopping power than 9mm, however, 357 sig and 357 magnum have better stopping power than 45 acp.

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    The .45 ACP is generally consider the gold standard in semi- automatic pistol stopping power, with the new modern expanding hollow points the 9 mm is only slightly less effective. No handgun is a death ray shot placement is the determining factor, hits in the thoracic triangle with any major caliber have a tendency to stop aggressors immediately. The major advantage of the .45 ACP is that it makes bigger holes giving it a greater probability of damaging vital organs.

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    .45 ACP has more energy behind it so it will hit harder. 9mm is a nice round though, and definitely has adequate stopping power, especially in hollow points. 9mm is also easier to aim on quick followup shots and usually a higher capacity too.

    In the end, if you have 1 round in your gun and you HAVE to stop the target, you would probably want that one round to be .45 ACP. Both have their advantages and disadvantages though.

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    I unfortunately have shot people with my .45 and an Army Beretta 9mm. I believe the .45 worked better. It's all about shot placement. If you're a good enough shot, either one will do. Use quality Hollow Point ammo. Don't skimp on cheap bullets. Horndady XTP works great for me. Federal Hydrashoks are great too.

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    Thet both are good. If you can shoot it well the .45 is the way to go.

    If you are at all recoil shy the 9mm is fine.

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    The 45acp has alot more stopping power !

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    The .45ACP was designed to pick a large man off his feet, and knock him backward. This was to prevent the enemy from falling face first into a trench with his bayonet.

    The 9mm was designed to minimize recoil for the user, so smaller less experienced people could shoot more accurately

    You decide, a round designed to knock a 300lb bayonet wielding islander backwards, or a round designed to be less punishing for the user.

    The 9mm is the same diameter as a .380, a .38, and a .357, approx. The .45ACP was designed to replace the .38.

    The .45 is much larger, but slower. If you are hunting with a camp rifle @ 50+ yd, the 9mm would be better. Otherwise.......

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    * 45acp *

    Source(s): " Only a Criminal or a Tyrant is afraid of the Armed Citizen."
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