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what are some reasons many people get offended when people say the K word?


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    K word ?? Got me I know the F word and the C word And the B words but the K word what Kitten ?

  • Anonymous
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    The only k word I know is a racial slur towards Jews. Its offensive because it is a racial slur, just the same as n*gger, or c*nouk for canadians, or cracker for whites or sp*cs for mexicans.

    Source(s): If you could give us some more letters to this word... or spell it out with spaces we can help you better
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    the K-word hahaha, not even the FCC would be offended.

    Source(s): Kobe tell me how my K**** taste!?!?
  • winnie
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    1 decade ago

    I agree, I'm not familiar with the 'K' word.

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    what is the K word?

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