Wireless internet dropping on Dell?

I have a dell d500 and for some reason it cannot hold a steady connection. I've replaced the actual wireless card and still the internet keeps dropping. This happens at my home (I have 2 other computers both on wireless network that have no problems whatsoever) and at the school I work at.

Does anybody have any idea as to what this could be? Or how to solve it?


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    What encryption are you using ?

    I've seen systems using WPA drop the connection regularly and have difficulty in reconncting.

    Sometimes it is the WPA-PSK key rotation, the two systems loose synch and when the password rotates to a new key the connection drops.

    You can check this by looking in your router and putting the WPA-PSK key rotation to zero so it never changes.

    Also you can prove it by dropping down to WEP encryption for a while, if your connection is stable then this is the issue and you need to investigate it more.

    I've seen issues on some Dell units where the choice of wireless card is paramount, there are normally two wireless cards you can get - some appear to handle WPA better than others.

    Another problem might simply be either a poor connection to the wireless card - the thin co-ax cables are very fragile, if they were pinched or trapped during machine assembly then they can be part of the issue, the signal can be affected.

    As suggested, you might have a fault though on your main board or something else not functioning.

    Depending on your wireless card though you might be able to boot using an Ubuntu CD (press F4 and select safe graphics for Dell units), if your card is supported you will be able to connect on wireless from the live CD (or try MCN Linux live CD) the task is to tray and get a stable connection, if you do and it stays alive without dropping then your hardware is OK.

    Source(s): Tech support manager for a national computer repair company. 25+ years experience.
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    The drivers might be corrupt. uninstall and try re installing the drivers. If that doesn't work then the connection on the system board could be bad.

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    4 years ago

    flow to dells website and acquire the instantaneous driving force to your workstation and keep it on your workstation. then flow to gadget supervisor and uninstall the instantaneous driving force which you have acceptable now supplying you with issues, then run the utility you downloaded from dell and it will replace the old one, would not have a difficulty after that.

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