Best processor on the market for the money?

I keep looking in weekly ads of Best Buy and Circuit City to find a preconstructed pc for a good price, what sort of processor is great for a retail pc?

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  • kozzm0
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    1 decade ago
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    PC's still only have two major processor brands, AMD and Intel, and both of them are quad-core in their top models. Though Intel only recently made true quad-core cpu's (their first were dual dual-cores), Intel is also a bit more widely compatible with software than AMD, and is considered more stable, and pricier.

    AMD is preferred by many PC gamers, but I consider that a bit more of a style thing since PC gamers still say they prefer using key-and-mouse for control. Kind of like people who say, "I like AC/DC, but only when Bon Scott was in it," cause it makes them sound cool.

    For games, the most important thing by far is the graphics card, so far there are few games if any that work any better on 4-core than 2-core.

    There are laptops made by Toshiba that contain the Cell BE, the powerhouse behind the current record-holding supercomputer, except its version of Cell has only 4 SPE's instead of 8. It's the only PC in existence to have the Cell though, so far.

    Last year methods were discovered to cram even more transistors on a chip without overheating it, so processors can finally break the 4 gHz barrier, this could make multicore pc's obsolete (again) within a few years. It's happened before that "parallel processing" was the new thing but was then abandoned due to advances in single-core processing

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  • Jag
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    1 decade ago

    Right now if you benchmark an Intel vs. an AMD processer, the E8400 will outperform any AMD processor. The E8400 is the latest generation of Dual core processors. They also outperform many of the Intel Quad Core processors, such as the Q6600.

    A reliable source for all benchmarks PC:

    Processor specific benchmarks for Crysis at 1650X1080:

    Based on retail cost of the processors alone, the E8400 is a clear victor.

    When you compare computer systems as a whole, the price may not be so favorable.

    I offer two computer systems on my site that I craft by hand.


    Either of those systems are very well suited to serious gaming. They aren't cheap, and they aren't inexpensive either.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    One of the most sold ones at the moment are the intel core 2 quadprocessor q6600. I have one on my current computer and it is a very good processor, also for gaming. But if your idea of a great price is a bit more money then my interpretation, you most defenetly want one of the intel core 2 extreme series, these go over 3.0 ghz and r perfect for gaming.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ok, so you want a good pc with a cheap powerfull CPU, if you can spend 400$ for your motherboard and CPU, this is my suggestion :

    Mb : M2N-SLI deluxe, CPU : AMD Phenom 9850, but if you can spend more, for example 800$ for your CPU and motherboard, The preferred CPU is intel's Extreme CPUs, they are the best CPUs in the world these days, if you cant afford quadCore extrem , I suggest Core 2 Extreme , buy one of these and dont worry about your PC Speed ...

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