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Here you go 中文如何翻?Please


I have a english question for you guys~

Do you know what are " Here you are " and " Here you go " mean in chinese ?

Thank you for everyone ~


Nick 力豪

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    Here you go / are 為 “把 東 西 給 別人時” 的 習慣 用 語 , 有 「 你要的東西在這裡 」 的 意 思 ,There you go / are也可代表此意。,比方說: This is the book you wanted .Here you go!〈你要的這本書拿去吧!〉,但感覺起來Here you are和There you go are較來的禮貌正式一些....但是 Here we go 代表〈我們走吧!〉,意思又不同了,希望對你有幫助!!

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    第3行There you are不小心多打了go請去掉

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    ello^ ^

    Here you go in chinese means 給你吧!


  • HKL
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    Here you go 是拿東西給人家時說的

    Here you are=here you go=there you are.

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    把東西交給人家,或找東西找到了,英語國家的人會說:Here you are!或There you are!可譯做‘給你吧’、‘這就是’或‘給,在這裏了’

    例如:"Can I have change for a hundred?" "Here you are"

    可以給我兌換這張一百元鈔票嗎?’ ‘這裏是一百元零錢。’

    有時,你會聽到Here you go或There you go,那是美式俗語說法,和Here you are或There you are沒有分別,只是語氣較為隨便

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