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可以幫我翻譯成英文的嗎 謝謝 急!!! 我可以加點到30


Coffee is a popular drink around the world. According to the International Coffee Organization, the world consumes about US$70 billion worth of coffee each year......




因為那個文法都是錯誤的= =










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    Meanwhile, the popularity brings many researches information to tell the effect of coffee on human body. Among then are positive and negative and disease and harms caused by longp-tern reliance on coffee. The following would describe whether coffee is good or bad to humen being

    -substance contained in coffee

    Coffee contains lots amount of antioxitant, which could prevent the cardiovascular disease and cancer caused by free radical. Beside, coffee also contains tannic acid, fat, protein, sugar ,mineral and rough fiber. Coffeine-contained coffee could excite gallbladder contraction and reduce cholesterol in bile. Cholesterol could easily form gallbladder stone

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    Effect of coffee on health

    Medical researchers in the wouldwide have provided many information to prove not only negative effect have coffee on health. Coffee could enhance body endurance and recover from fatige by stimulating central nerve system or muscle.

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    Behind the popularity, there are also many researches showing how coffee effects human bodies, some of them are positive, while some are negative. Reliance of coffee for human bodies in the long-term also causes some diseases or harm to the health. So whether Coffee is friend or foe, we could explain as followings

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    Coffee contains many antioxidants, which can prevent free-radical from causing heart diseases and cancer.

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    Coffee contains huge amount of caffeine and also tannin, fat, protein, sugar, minerals, crude fiber.

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    Coffee contains caffeine could stimulate the gall bladder to contract and reduce the cholesterol in bile which is usually the cause of gallstones

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    After medical researchers world wide provide number of studies to prove that coffee actually does not only harm the human body, coffee can stimulate the muscle or the central nervous system

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    enhance physical endurance, will enable the restoration of muscle fatigue, improve working efficiency, but also can improve the mental on the alert, with a sober mind can contribute to a sensitive and lively reaction

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    Due to the stimulation of sympathetic nerve, which can repress asthma caused by the excitement of vice sympathetic nerve.

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