steam release on boilers?

I just bought a home with a steam boiler. I love it! Heats great. What i do not love is the noise that comes out of the steam release valves. It sounds like tea pots in each room. If i turn them so the release is pointing to the floor they are much less quiet but tend to drip a litle. Put them at an angle or pointing 90 degrees they just make noise. Is there a way to remedy this. I cant keep getting up every time it kicks on to turn the damn things. It drives me batty!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Have you bled air out of the system? Any steam heat system will make SOME noise from the expansion of the metal as the super heated steam rises up the cold pipes and into the cold radiators. However, if you are getting loud knocks and banging, you may be able to bleed the radiators and alleviate some of the noise. Also make sure you have just the right amount of water in your boiler...too much and when it heats up, some rusty water will be forced out ,damaging your floors and carpets. You can even ruin the ceilings below upper floor radiators.

  • 3 years ago

    If in united kingdom Water expands with warmth, the warning pipe (overflow ) is there to handle extra enlargement which i've got self belief it to be the priority right here. try to swap down the thermostat on the BOILER to its lowest element yet no longer OFF then enable the already heated water to kick back or run a number of it off on the faucet(faucet), the boiler could now initiate fireing returned is going to now after a quick time turn off, or... cycle on and rancid. If that solves the over heating... then if needed, try turning the thermostat up in small increments till you're satisfied with the water temperature... make an fact of the placing and basically regulate it from that placing extremely bigger or decrease for iciness or summer season situations.( a good place to be in is that if the water on the nice and cozy faucet is basically a splash too warm to show by touch, this might rigidity the use chilly water whilst washing of hands and not waste working warm water...a stunt in lots of cases utilized in large motels to cut back expenditures). Failing that decision out the experts at Centrica in certainty why no longer get the rattling element serviced by them ...merely to be risk-free and specific.

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