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What does "sense of self-entitlement" mean? Do filipinos have this trait?

the complete sentence is "some minority groups have such a strong sense of self-entitlement that they have become unreasonably demanding."

the sentence (taken from an editorial) was not referring to any particular minority group.

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    It means that an individual believes he is entitled to have whatever he want when he want it, without regard to what is fair or reasonable to others. So he takes everything and everyone for granted. He expects to receive favours without ever having to do anyone else a favour. He feels entitled to invade and trespass on others’ boundaries; believes that everything he receives is his due.

    He has no concern or respect for the rights of others but vigorously protects his own. Rules, guidelines, convention and laws apply to other people and he alone is entitled to disregard them. Often he projects an image of arrogance, inconsiderateness and selfishness.

    Yes, Filipinos have this trait. Some indigenous groups feel this way yet are not conspicuous about their feelings or desires having accepted the fact that not everything they want is good for them, individually or collectively. Other ethnic groups though believe it is their right and profess to rectify such shortsightedness by demanding for their right.

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    According to the article, these minority groups feel they are "entitled" to certain rights (meaning, they deserve certain rights) for themselves. For example (and this might not be what the author is referring to, it's only to illustrate the point), after the Civil Rights movements that helped African Americans achieve equal status, various initiatives were put in place to give African Americans advantages (Equal Opportunities Commission assured that companies were hiring African Americans). These measures were appropriate, because due to historical suppression, African Americans were at a disadvantage, and needed to be given an extra advantage in order to achieve equal footing again. This minority group felt a sense of self-entitlement, and rightfully so, because they deserved it after all their struggle.

    The author is probably saying that some minority groups also feel this sense of self-entitlement.

    I'm not filipino so I don't know if they feel this trait or not, but I sort of doubt it. Filipinos seem pretty chill.

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    A few may have this "sense".

    But in all probabilities that editorial where you got that sentence is not referring to Filipinos. I have seen that sense of entitlement from people belonging to certain minority groups but I am not about to reveal over here what groups they belong to as there are of course many people who belong to those groups who do not have that trait.

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    when a person has a "sense of self-entitlement", that person feels that they deserve special treatment or are allowed to do certain things that others are not.

    a person who others may look at as having a "sense of self-entitlement" might include minority groups because their ancestors have endured poor treatment. for example, jews or african-americans, but does not exclude women.

    as for filipinos having a "sense of self-entitlement" not filipino-americans, but citizens of the philipines. actual filipinos MAY feel they are entitled to certain things because of the spanish occupying their land and mixing with the native women. i've never met a person who lived in the philipines, though, so i don't really know.

    i hope that helps :)

    Source(s): cultural studies sophmore.
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    The sentence refers to minorities that feel they have been taken advantage of and deserve more than they receive or that which they do not have should be given freely to them. I believe that there are people in each race that feel this way and this statement cannot be limited to minorities.

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    All races and peoples have some who are narcissistic and think the world owes them .

    The world may promise you a living but it''s still up to you to earn it. Nothing is free or owed to anyone.

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