Christians; since most of the population in this country is religious,...?

how do you think your beliefs differ from person to person. Are there a lot of differences?


Oh come on, I mean the United States of America.

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    And which country is that then ?

    I am in Malaysia, but I am British and an atheist.

    In the UK I know no Christians.

    Here I know many Buddhists, Taoists, Muslims and a few Christians.

    We have a large family and many friends in Japan, they are all atheists, but follow some Buddhist and Taoist traditions.

    Our beliefs vary very little apart from the god stuff of course and it is the manipulation of normal people by religio-political leaders that make all those vile and reprehensible things that go hand in hand with religious teachings.

    Like war, rape, torture, death and destruction for example.


    How could I possibly know that you meant America ?

    English speakers make up a huge proportion of this world.

    If I had assumed wrongly I could have made an embarrassing mistake.

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    1 decade ago

    Am not a Christian but an Orthodox Jew thus my beliefs are different from the majority in the US..You know Judaism doesn't believe Jesus to be our messiah or even a prophet as some wrongly believe..

    We do have in common many morals & similar values,believe it or not.

    If Gyrine reads this,wondering why your avatar is a Star of David being you're not Jewish? Also you assume like most Christians anyone who doesn't think Jesus to be their saviour goes to hell..Sorry,but prefer Judaism where there's no hell & all rightous people re of religion go to Gan Eden/the world to come..

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    The sad thing is that most of the differences are secondary, not salvation issues, and some let these differences divide them from other Christians, though some are heretical issues and are divisive by nature.I believe it's because there are too many people who are more concerned with being "right" than with learning truth.Many have a morbid interest in argument just for the sake of argument.

  • clo
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    4 years ago

    fortuitously, the worldwide is changing, slowly yet very particularly. All religions stay in all international places. pointing out that any us of a could stay the comparable because it was once interior the previous, is asserting exchange isn't warranted or mandatory, and that's so very some distance from the fact, isn't it. the comparable is being suggested, by using some, in international places like Canada, and america. A small, yet loud voice asserting "we are a Christian us of a". that would not shop on with any extra. those international places at the instant are crammed with human beings from worldwide huge, who worship of their own way, and shop on with their own direction. till we comprehend that that's happening, we are able to stay interior the previous, be judgemental in our thinking and strikes. enable us to assert that those international places, alongside with Britain remained basically Christian. Does that recommend it would be a extra useful, extra kindly, extra accepting us of a? not from what has been shown to us so some distance. If all Christians, lived as some Christians do, with love and attractiveness of their heart for others, then perhaps we would have a metamorphosis to enhance yet provided that many (as in different religions besides) have faith that they on my own have the fact and all people else is misguided, this worldwide is by no potential going exchange from the topics we've today, to a extra non violent and accepting planet.

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    I have no idea what country you are in (hint: Y!A is available to anyone in the world with internet access).

    But I am pretty sure that all the other countries are the same as the US where there are significant differences from person to person.

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    There is vast divide within Christianity in the spectrum of beliefs. This is born out of ignorance of the scriptures. The more they watch Oprah Winfrey for their spiritual guidance the further off course they get.

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    Some people seek God on his term which means we can not do enough good works to make up for our bad works, so we need God's grace and forgiveness which his Son provides by the death of the Cross. Many seek to find their own way to God by their Good works which leads to destruction.

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    1 decade ago

    I disagree that most of the population in this country is religious. Even if they were, it wouldn't matter either way.

    Only people who believe in Christianity and the saving grace of Jesus Christ will be in heaven with Him.

    Religion gets you nowhere. Christianity gets you into heaven.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes. There is belief, and then there is understanding, which destroys belief. We are all at different stages of understanding.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am a Born again Christian and I only concern myself with my relationship with the Lord and not what other people think of me.

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