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Do the 52 weeks from the same employer in alberta required for maternity leave include the 9 months pregnancy?

I have been with the same employer for 4 years full time but recently was offered a much better job and am considering taking it. Only problem is my husband and I would really like to have a baby soon... we're wondering if the 52 weeks needed to earn maternity leave include the time you're pregnant. I need help soon as I was offered the job Friday and they need to know by Tuesday, and I don't want to take the job if it jeopardizes are time line for starting a family!


I guess what I mean is let's say I start my new job and get pregnant after four months, if I work right up until I am 9 months pregnant, am I entitled to a maternity leave?

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    I'm from Alberta, and you don't need to work 52 weeks with the same employer. You need to work 600 hrs in the last 52 weeks regardless of who the employer was. Check out the service canada website

    Source(s): EDIT... Just read what you just wrote. You are absolutely entitled to maternity leave. Lots of women work right up to their due date so they can get their hours in. As long as you have 600 hours in the last 52 weeks, you are entitled to benefits. I didn't reach my 600 hrs until 3 weeks before my due date.
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