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how do i apply for duel citizenship (uk and usa)?

My father is american and my mother is british. I was born in Britain and currently hold a British passport but I want to apply for duel nationality. How do I go about this?


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    your american father should have registered you with the US embasy when you were born.

    If he did not do this before you were 18, then under US laws - you are NO longer eligible to be a US citizen by descent. You will have to emigrate to USA, live in USA on a green card for 5 years first and then apply for citizenship by naturalization

    If you are NOT 18 years old, then you can apply to a US embassy with your fathers full birth certificate and your parents wedding certificate and your full birth certificate to get a US citizenship card.

    If you already have a citizenship card, then you just need to apply as normal with the US passport office.

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    Look here: . It tells you how to get a citizenship certificate. Basically:

    If you were born outside the US, but live in the US now with your dad and you weren't 18 years old until after Feb 27, 2001, you can apply. You will need your parents' marriage certificate, your birth certificate, and your dad's birth certificate or other proof of US citizenship.

    If your dad has lived in the US for 2 years (doesn't need to be all at once) after you turn 14, and 3 years at a any other time (for a total of 5 years) you can also apply for citizenship, as long as you weren't18 until after feb 27, 2001.

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    I completely agree with Sidwell. You need to contact the U.S Embassy, usually their webpage will have a citizenship/immigration section. Good Luck

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