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Was the original goals of the Alaskan Independence Party something to be proud of?

Joe Vogler, the founding father, of the AIP said, "I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I've got no use for America or her damned institutions." What can one say about Todd Palin being a member of AIP and his wife Sarah, the Governor of Alaska, wishing that party good luck and God speed?

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    I tend to agree with Joe. We are citizens of our States first and that is how our government was originally set up. A governors loyalty is to their State, not the federal government. Here in Texas we retain the right to secede from the Union. The Federal government has no right to tell Alaskans if and how they may use their natural resources.

    The USA does not exist as it was intended, a Constitutional Republic, we have become a Democracy. Our founders despised Democracies.

    It says they are not willing to stand by and be a part of a tyranny.

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    Michelle Obama is head of the Chicago economic catastrophe of council of foreign places kinfolk that's a purveyor of human beings dropping their Constitutional rights and forming a union with Canada and Mexico and having a clean unit of foreign places money (much like the Euro) what's horrifying is that this is going to take place on the comparable time as Todd's little group could by using no skill be triumphant in its endeavors.

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    Independence is an American value, so it's not as anti-American as the liberals claim. Traditionally, the states are supposed to be sovereign powers, with the federal government as a unifying body, not an overlord. The amount of power the federal government has acquired today could under no interpretation of the constitution be considered legitimate, if taken literally. It's not really fair to call secessionism unAmerican if it's for the right reasons. Slavery, for example, being a wrong one.

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    They were either pandering to a fringe group for votes (which is really sleazy) or actually supporting succession from the union. I don't call that American in any sense of the word.

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    A whole lot better than Ayers and Wright.

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