What are my chances at getting accepted? (revised)?

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and please excuse my grammar mistake in a previous post of mine. That's horribly embarrassing, considering I'm usually a stickler for grammar, and considering my college aspirations...

In addition, this post is slightly different than my previous posts, so if you're commenting again, please re-read it.


African American female, junior at competitive arts school (magnet school) as a vocal major

Academic Record-

3.8 unweighted GPA (on 4.0 scale)

4.3 weighted HPA (on 5.0 scale)

I am taking the SATs in January, but on the latest practice test I took, I got a 1880. I know, my score is pretty awful, and I am quite upset about it, but I am currently enrolled in an SAT prep course and I frequently take practice tests.

AP Classes-

AP Human Geography- 3

AP World History and AP Music Theory- 3 and 4

AP Comp. and AP U.S.- currently taking

The rest of my classes have all been honors, excluding health classes, a driving course, and 3 math courses (one was taken in middle school)

Extra curriculars-

-Historian on Freshman Class Council

-Life Teen member

-All-State 2008 Concert Choir

-Tri-M Secretary

-Corresponding Secretary on Junior Class Council

-African Outreach Club Member

-Rotary Club Future Stars 2006 2nd place winner and finalist in 2007 and 2008

-YSPB Member

-Student Task Force Member

-Spanish Honors Society

-National Honors Society

-Amnesty International

-Key Club

-ACDA Musician

Community service-

-Local library

-Church Choir

-Volunteer for Save Darfur, Hurricane Katrina, and CF Fundraisers

-Most of my community comes from things I do through my art area

As far as essays are concerned, not to toot my own horn, but I've been told that I am a very good writer.

Schools I'm interested in are BU, BC, NYU, Emerson, Syracuse, Wellesley, Wesleyan, Brown, etc... and I would love to go to school in Boston.

I've wanted to go to an Ivy since I was a little girl (my dad went to Yale) but that sadly looks like it's out of reach for me. :(

I am looking to major in history, minor in music performance, and then go on to law school. Or possibly major in English. I'm not entirely sure yet. :)

What are my chances?

And does anyone have any suggestions for schools that would be willing to accept me?

Only nice, yet constructive criticism, if you don't mind. :)

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    considering all your achievements and that your a minority being african american, id say your chances are really good. just make sure you get write really good essays and get good references if applying to private universities. and it seems like you have plenty of time for the sat's so take them as much as you can. good luckkk :)

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    If you get your SAT up to about a 2100 or 2200, I'm pretty sure you're set at any of the schools on your list, especially BU, BC, NYU, Emerson and Syracuse. Your GPA and extracurriculars are seriously impressive. Do you have any leadership roles or anything else that would make you stand out more? Because if you do, I'm pretty sure you've got a shot at Wellesley, Wesleyan and Brown as well. You're a top student, but so are most of the applicants at those schools...so your main focus should be to stand out from them and prove to the schools that you're unique and interesting. I'm sure you can do that :) Good luck!

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    Uhm, 99%? Your like ... haha super UBER well-rounded and smart! I doubt anyone would deny you!

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