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Who to start at WR on Week 7?

Who should I start at WR during Week 7? Pick two of the three.

Marques Colston vs Carolina

Bernard Berrian vs Chiago

Jerricho Cotchery vs Oakland

1 point per reception

1 point per 10 yards

10 bonus point at 125 yards recieving

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    I will be in the minority but Colston is your best WR but he is coming off an injury. I would start Colston and Cotchery, better QBs.

  • Cotchery and Berrian. I would be way of Colston coming off an injury.

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    Berrian and Cotchery.

  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    i might start up Frank Gore, Houston has given up an outstanding sort of things to opposing working backs. remember what Chris Johnson did to them some weeks in the past? i might additionally start up Steven Jackson, Bradshaw and Jones are not the function backs and that i do no longer see the two doing a lot this week, and Mendenhall is now the starter yet I genuinely do no longer see him doing a lot against the Vikings D. Rice had a great game yet hes a extra powerful back than Mendenhall and sees so a lot extra passes that's the place he extremely thrived. At WR i might start up Miles Austin by using fact notwithstanding if he places up 0.5 of what he did 2 weeks in the past it would be a great day. Hes the starter now and that i nonetheless do no longer see Roy Williams doing a lot. An then i think of the two Knox or Rice may be good right here yet i visit bypass with Rice right here it sounds like Harvin won't play with a Shoulder harm and Rice might get an outstanding sort of his objectives, plus any deep passes from Favre, He had like 173 yards final week.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Defintly Jerricho Cothcery.. Oakland defense is really bad at the moment and every Wideout of the Jets is gauranteed to have 3-4 catches. And Berrian. ***** is on fireeeee. He and Gus got some maaad conections.... Watch fer a huge assss game.

  • Berrian and Cotchery

    Berrian is playing Chicago who is 27th againast the pass

    Cotchery is playing Oakland who is 25th againast the pass

    and i saw to not play Colston because he is coming off an injury and he is playing Carolina who is 2nd againast the pass

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    Cotchery Oakland has a terrible and always has a grab each game.

    Berrian on the other hand some games hasn't player worth ****.

  • 1 decade ago

    Berrian. That guy's a beast.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    deff go with berrian

  • 1 decade ago


    GiaNtS SB sTaRz 4eVr!!!!!!!!!!

    aNd eLi MaNniNg iS bEAstlY <3

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