parents wont let us date....ugh?

ok well im going out with this super nice guy. He's the nicest guy i've ever dated and everythings great except for his parents. His parents dont want him to have a girlfriend (we are freshmen)....its starting to ruin our relationship already. His parents wont let him come over, they dont want us hanging out, and sometimes when i call they hang up on me so that he cant talk to!?! I respect them, but i dont want to lose this relationship. He told his parents we were dating and his dad is fine with it but his mom said it was "fine" but shes still doing all of this.

what should i do????


yeah im super nice to his parents...and he said that they like me they just dont know if they want us going out but im just so frustrated i've finally found a super nice guy and now we cant date! im going crazy!

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    That sucks. That is really messing with the relationship. Talk to his parents maybe.

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    Wow. This sounds very familiar. Let me tell you my story, see if it helps.

    I started dating this guy...he was amazing. But my parents didn't want me to have a boyfriend, so we hardly were ever able to hang out, when we did it was like the greatest thing ever. They kept saying after time maybe things would get better, but encourgaged me to break up with him only because they didn't want me to have a boyfriend. I fought back though because I loved him so much...and after 7 months they forced us to break up because they thought we got too serious. Now it woudl be 9 months and we're always fighting, trying to have an only in school relationship that no one knows about. And it sucks. I still love him, but its so hard to stick with this.

    I hope this is not your future....I wish I could give you advice. The best I can do is no matter NOT sneak around their backs if you're going to stay together. Losing their trust is the last thing you need to do. If he has rules, curfews, or whatever...RESPECT THEM. Parents like that are like mine....and that will cause them to blame things he is doing on you. If you love him, stick around and show him...but if it turns out that you know things will only get worse...leave before it breaks your heart too much.

  • Jen
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    1 decade ago

    What I would do is stop calling him and just let him call me. Don´t put up with a mom been rude to you. You can´t say anything, but so don´t put yourself in a position where she´ll be hanging up on you. They must have their reasons as to why they don´t want their son to have a gf, but you can´t do much about that.

    So just talk to your bf and do that.

  • Morgan
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    1 decade ago

    As much as you don't want to break it off, it's probably best to put it on hold right now. If you can show them that you're mature enough to respect their decision right now, maybe they'll like you a little bit more.

    You still have tons of time, and you can stay friends for now, right?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i would go to his mother and ask why she isn't sure you should date. alleviate her concerns. tell her that her son is a nice guy and you want to get to know him better, all that jargon. she should respect the fact that you came to her to talk about it. to clear the air. shows you have a backbone, parents like that.

    Source(s): the reasons are usually religious or academic.
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    keep trying, maybe his mom just don't want to lose him, but your a freshman that's 10th grade? are you sure your talking relationship? No off ense but you area little young.

  • :D
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    1 decade ago

    maybe you should try having a one on one conversation with his mom ask your bf to talk to his mom about u and her talking it out. I think shes prob worried tht it will distract him fom school, or she just doesnt want him to date but maybe if you try to work things out she'll notice how much you really care for him and how you want things to work out for everybody. thing she'll take notice to tht hopefully=]

    good luck

  • if you want to hang out with him, go to the mall with a bunch of yours, and his, friends and maybe they will let you hang out if his parents know you werent alone.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    reminds me of romeo and juliet.

    omg! your song should be check yes juliet by we the kings! :D

    anyway, you should call & txt his cell, talk over the computer ect.

    just meet in secret.

    it'll be romantic :)

  • 1 decade ago

    look if he really wants to be with you hell keep on trying to get your parnts attention and maybe they start talking and they get over...if you really want this you wont give up on it

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