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How is T-MAC better than D-Wade?

Well since Ive already turned everyone against Wade, I might as well continue. There was a question posted yesterday that made me laugh hysterically. Only a few sane individuals thought Wade is better and the majority said T-MAC. HAHAHAHAAHA

T-MAC belongs in the category of the Vince Carters, the allen iversons, the chris webbers. He belongs in the "past my prime" category. Actually he shouldnt even be mentioned with these guys becuase they at least made it past the 1st round.

You might say T-MAC never got past the first round becuase he plays in a difficult Western Conference. Well, hes actually played in the Eastern Conference longer (Toronto 3 years, Orlando 4, Houston 4). When he was the scoring champion as a Magic he couldnt even get past the first round. He blew a 3-1 lead to the Pistons when they wernt even considered an "elite" team. He even said "Im so happy to be in the 2nd round" (shaking my head). He doesnt make his teammates better. He has a terrible career FG% (43.7), thats even worse than Kobe's.

All T-MAC has to show for himself is his flashy dunks and 2 scoring championships which he did no damage with. Thats why I keep tellin people the scoring championship is irrevelent.

Wade made it past the first round his rookie year. T-MAC missed the playoffs with the Magic that year. Wade led his team consisting of Lamar Odom, Caron Butler, and Eddie Jones to the second round and took the 60 win Pacers to the 6 games. Wade made it to the ECF his 2nd year and took the Pistons to 7 games. Wade won the NBA Finals his 3rd year. Wade was the leader of the Heat all three years. He made his teammates better and carried his team past opponents unlike T-MAC.

Ok, i just had to get that off my chest.


as bad as it is bailing out on a team, what Wade did in 2006 was incredible. Nothing of T-MAC's 11 year career comes even close to his perfmormance in 2006. Im not just talkin about the finals, but the entire playoffs.

Update 2:

MC: How was it then that Dallas was representing the West in the Finals in 2006 instead of T-MAC's rockets (missed playoffs) or Kobe's Lakers (1st reound exit)

Update 3:

If, If, If, If, If, If, If.....If kobe didnt have Shaq he would have 0 rings, If Kobe didnt have Shaq he would just be considered an afro-headed vince carter. enough with the hypotheticals, what happened happened and you cant take anything away from that.

Update 4:

How does Wade's ring belong to David Stern, and how on earth is paulie princess pierce > Wade?

Update 5:

No MC you are wrong again. Wade, Odom, and Eddie were all excellent contributors to that team and Wade didnt show his true colors until the 2nd half of the season, but he definetly became the go-to guy for the Heat in the 2004 playoffs. trust me, i being a heat fan would know this not you.

Update 6:

I like how everyone agreed with me except MC. I wonder whos right.

Update 7:

ok MC, ill drop the kobe-wade comparisons at least until the season starts.

Update 8:

D-Rock: I am comparing McGrady's overall % to Wade's which is over 48%. Wade has a better shot selection than McGrady and is more effecient with the basketball. Ok, so he has 2 more TO per game than McGrady, that doesnt add up to that much especially since Wade is handling the ball more as a SG. All those players Wade played with his championship run were old, past their prime players. Wade almost single-handedly won them that championship. If T-MAC could even come close to that he wouldve gotten past the first round.

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    Guys, your naming individual stats that really are a waste of typing. It doesn't matter if he has a better jump shot, or if he's a better 3 point shooter. Basketball's a team game. A true star is recognized not only by his stats, but by his leadership and team ability. Dwanye Wade has won a title. Dwanye Wade has seen the 2nd round of the playoffs. Tracy Mcgrady is not a good leader for his team. If tracy can't get his team through the 1st round of the playoffs, do you guys actually think he'll be looked at as a great?

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    How the F*ck can you even put Tmac and Wade in the same level.

    Tell me the players that Tmac has been surrounded his whole career

    NOTHING until now.

    If you would have gave Tmac the Heat when they had Shaq, that would have been enough to win 3 straight chapionships.

    Give Wade the Magic and tell me how far he woud have gone with them

    The magic ahd players that couldn't avg above 5 points or more, Tmac had to take the load his whole young career when he was avg 30+ point games.

    Just put a Tmac that puts up 28 ppg with the Champion Heat and you get the Lakers when they had Kobe and Shaq

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    I'd say Wade. He is smarter and he gets those easier shots. T-Mac had a 22 win streak, which is really impressive. Still, when I was gambling games on T-Mac, I saw stupidity in his shots. I don't blame the losses on him though.

    Wade and T-Mac are very blockable though. If you watch Kobe defend both players, they get shut down and only get points from FT's. Wade can score better though. If he plays against defensive teams, he does way better than T-Mac. I prefer Wade's dunks, but T-Mac had that one posterizing dunk that was so beautiful. It showed T-Mac's potential.

    Kobe was still amazing even when he was young. No one in the NBA now could compare to that. I wouldn't dare compare any player to Kobe. They gave Kobe a former All star and the team became a championship team.

    I can't say Kobe sucks because he couldn't win a championship in the last few years. I mean when you look at the roster. He had starters that couldn't even make 10 points. The only Laker besides Kobe that put at least 8 points was Fisher.

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    T-Mac was at one time the best time the best individual player in the league which is more than Wade can say.

    Wade gets injured far more often than McGrady

    Don't believe me

    T-Mac averages playing in 71 games out of every 82 for the regular season and has never missed an all star(that he was selected to) or playoff game

    Wade averages playing 63 games out of every 82 for the regular season

    yes he misses an average of almost 20 games every year

    his playoff and all star games are the same as mcgrady

    mcgrady has scored 62 in his career and 52 in 3 quarters as well as 2 more 50 point games

    Wade has never scored more than 48

    t-mac had a historic season when he averaged 32.1 youngest to average 32ppg

    with the exception of iverson and kobe (both who only beat it once) no active player has ever had a higher scoring average

    wade has never averaged more than 27.4

    4th in all time playoff scoring average behind only jordan, iverson, and west

    wade is 13th

    mcgrady is a far superior rebounder and 3 pt shooter

    I could go on but I've grown bored

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    Right now, TMac is better because like MC said, he's a better shooter, rebounder, and he's one of the best non-pg passer in the league. Also TMac is less turnover prone and foul prone than Wade is. The reason why Wade has a better FG% is due to his tendency to dunk more.

    I think that Wade has the potential to pass TMac, but right now, TMac has more skills than Wade.

    It's not entirely TMac's fault that his team never gets past the first round, he posts great numbers, but he seems to be cursed somehow, especially how the Magic lost three playoff games in a row to the Pistons.

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    the only thing that t-mac is better at than wade is getting injured (although wade seems to be quite good at that, not because he is weak or brittle but because he fights so fearlessly), as you have already stated the first round thing for t-mac is a huge blight on his career and he has been notoriously unclutch throughout his first round career while wade has already won a championship with a team that i dont believe was as good as some of mcgrady's and single-handedly brought the heat back from a 2-0 deficit

    i dont agree with you on the whole wade vs kobe issue but we will have to agree to disagree on that

    however, i do agree that wade is better than t-mac

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    Wade is physically and mentally togher than McGrady. Not to mention that he has won, which is something T-Mac hasn't done in 10 years. Not getting out of the first round of the playoffs in a decade is pathetic. Nearly as pathetic as all the excuses he has every year.

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    He isnt, Wade has played on the Olympic team twice now and has shown he can actually lead a team to wins, maybe not in the season but he has done it in the playoffs, McGrady has not shown he can lead a team he only has become a high scorer and he can't win a series in the playoffs even

  • I will always stick with D wade is better than any player in the nba. I dont care about how many PPG a guy averages. It's who ever wins the most championships. Last time i checked Tmac has never gotten out of the first round.

    Dwade: More clutch

    Finals Mvp

    better D

    has done more things than tmac despite being 6 yrs younger

    team player

    Tmac: 13 pts in 33 sec.

    1 scoring title

    better 3




    Championships is what sets Legends from just great players apart I.E. Micheal Jordan

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    because T-mac wouldn't bail out on his team like Wade did last season. Has T-mac's team ever lose 15 and 19 games in a row in the same season?

    In terms of skill T-mac has a better: jump shot, 3-pts, better passing in the lane (cross-eye), better defender, and better rebounder.

    true, let their game do the talking. If Wade really out performance Kobe, I will be "happy" to admit that, but it works both ways.

    P.S, I got 6 thumbs ups, so I am not the only one, and Miami Heat will Rock You, good argument!

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