Want to play the sibsets game?!?

Want to play the sibsets game? Here's how it works. I say a name, and you give two other names (one for each gender) that would be likely to be chosen by the same parents. Example: I say Eliza, and you say Eliza, Charlotte, and Theodore. You're welcome to explain your reasoning if you feel you need to. Ready?

1. Emma

2. Rowena

3. Azure

4. Melody

5. Kayla

6. Monique

7. Evangeline

8. Daphne

9. Henry

10. Jayden

11. Alistair

12. Ezra

13. Garrison

14. Wesley

15. Sawyer

16. Leonardo

Best answer goes to the person with the most fitting sibsets.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Whee! I love these kind of games.

    1. Emma, Olivia, and Jacob -All classic, but common names.

    2. Rowena, Ariadne, and Evander -I know Rowena isn't a Greek name, but that's just the set I can picture: decently obscure names from literature and mythology.

    3. Azure, Summer, and Skyler -Vaguely hippie, but still trendy feeling.

    4. Melody, Tessa, and Noah -I knew two Melodys (Melodies?) growing up, and one had a sister named Tessa, and the other had a brother named Noah.

    5. Kayla, Madalynn, and Evan -Slightly dated, common, and trendy names.

    6. Monique, Danielle, and Chaz -Slightly dated and slightly French names.

    7. Evangeline, Genevieve, and Julius -Longer, older fashioned, and slightly frilly names.

    8. Daphne, Daria, and James -Those are the three names my husband and I can agree on. ;)

    9. Henry, Oliver, and Eleanor -Classics that are coming back. They're not trendy or common yet, but they've jumped in popularity over the last few years.

    10. Jayden, Max, and Kayleigh -really painfully trendy names that come across as flimsy and will be dated within a couple of years.

    11. Alistair, Sebastian, and Ivy -Older fashioned names that feel British (I know Sebastian isn't technically an English name, but it feels like a name that would be popular with the Brits right now).

    12. Ezra, Asher, and Odessa -Ezra and Asher sound like brothers to me because they're both biblical, have been unusual for years, but are coming back. Ezra and Odessa are both spunky sounding names that sound really dramatic and cool.

    13. Garrison, Cooper, and Kelly -Last names with a Western sort of flair.

    14. Wesley, Garrett, and Faye -They all feel a bit Wild West-y, but they are all names of famous African Americans.

    15. Sawyer, Oscar, and Bronte -Unusual but cool names of literary figures, both authors and characters.

    16. Leonardo, Mateo, and Gianna -Pretty Italian names that are simple enough for English speakers to pronounce.

  • Kiki
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    1 decade ago

    1. Emma, Faith, Owen

    2. Rowena, Ophelia, Bertram

    3. Azure, Lark, Jett,

    4. Melody, Laurel, Gregory

    5. Kayla, Trinity, Jordan

    6. Monique, Desiree, Jerome

    7. Evangeline, Violet, Jasper

    8. Daphne, Helena, Julian

    9. Henry, Peter, Cecilia

    10. Jayden, Landon, Kaylin

    11. Alistair, Cormac, Maeve

    12. Ezra, Asher, Phoebe

    13. Garrison, Barrett, Ellery

    14. Wesley, Preston, Avery

    15. Sawyer, Hudson, Delaney

    16. Leonardo, Giovanni, Portia

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Emma, Abigail, Noah

    2. Rowena, Felicie, Alfonse (all old german)

    3. Azure, Sienna, Grayson

    4. Melody, Cadence, Finian (a musical by fred astaire)

    5. Kayla, Madison, Bradley

    6. Monique, Kiana, Lamar

    7. Evangeline, Gwendolyn, Isaac

    8. Daphne, May, Simon

    9. Henry, Genevieve, Oliver

    10. Jayden, Kobe, Brianna (i know somebody with this sibset)

    11. Alistair,Sasha, Lexer (all mean "defender")

    12. Ezra, Jenna, Immanuel (Hebrew)

    13. Garrison, Layne, Briggs

    14. Wesley, Beatrix, Harris

    15. Sawyer, Harper, Finn

    16. Leonardo, Nicolette, Theodore

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Emma, Elizabeth, and Edward

    2. Rowena, Russel, Margaret

    4. Azure, Adeline, Adele

    4. Melody, Mary, Melanie

    5. Kayla, Kyle, Courtney(Kayla and Kyle siblings I know)

    6. Monique, Tatum, Amari

    7. Evangeline, Genevieve, Johnathan

    8. Daphne, Fiona, Theodore

    9. Henry, Louis, Fredrick

    10. Jayden, Colin, Logan

    11. Alistair, Severus, Ruben

    12. Ezra, Eliza, Isabelle

    12. Garrison, Grayson, Genevra

    14. Wesley, Fitch, Winona(Wesley and Fitch are cousins)

    15. Sawyer, Michael, Sarah

    16. Leonardo, Patience, Lois

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Emma, Abigail & Thomas

    2. Rowena, Cordelia & Geoffrey

    3. Azure, Violet & Oliver

    4. Melody, Cadence & Simmons

    5. Kayla, Alexis & Aiden

    6. Monique, Daniella & Andre

    7. Evangeline, Esther & Henry

    8. Daphne, Elizabeth & John

    9. Henry, Olive & Maurice

    10. Jayden, Emily & Ethan

    11. Alistair, Imogen & Zuma

    12. Ezra, Ruth & Darius

    13. Garrison, Isabel & Colton

    14. Wesley, Grace & Austin

    15. Sawyer, Avery & Wyatt

    16. Leonardo, Juliet & Fredrick


  • Dahlia
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    1 decade ago

    1. Emma, Charlotte, Joshua

    2. Rowena, Matilda, Forest

    3. Azure, Violet, Sterling

    4. Melody, Angel, Sage

    5. Kayla, Mckenzie, Evan

    6. Monique, Simone, Andre

    7. Evangeline, Annabel, Benjamin

    8. Daphne, Claire, Graham

    9. Henry, Amelia, William

    10. Jayden, Ava, Brennan

    11. Alistair, Constance, Desmond

    12. Ezra, Isobel, Raphael

    13. Garrison, Caitlin, Austin

    14. Wesley, Madalyn, Ashton

    15. Sawyer, Piper, Hudson

    16. Leonardo, Alessandra, Marco

    I put these together from what I felt would be the same style, equally popular or uncommon.

  • 1. Emma, Paul, and Rose.

    2. Rowena, Aisling, and Séamus.

    3. None.

    4. Melody, Ruth, and Astrid.

    5. None.

    6. None.

    7. Evangeline, Charlotte, and Alasdair.

    8. Daphne, Matilda, and Aubrey.

    9. Henry, Charlotte, and Paul.

    10. None.

    11. Alistair, Elspeth, and Séamus.

    12. Ezra, Anne, and Paul.

    13. Garrison, Cordelia, and Aubrey.

    14. Wesley, Eloise, and Sylvester.

    15. Sawyer, Amaya, and Elias.

    16. Leonardo, Anastasia, and Christian.

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Emma - Emma, Abigail, and Jacob

    2. Rowena - Rowena, Isadora, and Leopold

    3. Azure - Azure, Eliana, and River

    4. Melody - Melody, Summer, and Dakota

    5. Kayla - Kayla, Amber, and Logan

    6. Monique - Monique, Rachelle, and Jarvis

    7. Evangeline - Evangeline, Allegra, and Thaddeus

    8. Daphne - Daphne, Charlotte, and Oscar

    9. Henry - Henry, George, and Catherine

    10. Jayden - Jayden, Riley, and Kaylynn

    11. Alistair - Alistair, Oliver, and Eleanor

    12. Ezra - Ezra, Asher, and Eve

    13. Garrison - Garrison, Chandler, and Tatum

    14. Wesley - Wesley, Calvin, and Amelia

    15. Sawyer - Sawyer, Logan, and Ava

    16. Leonardo - Leonardo, Matteo, and Emilia

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Emma, Ryan, and Lily

    2. Rowena, Minevra, and Godric

    3. Azure, Saffron, and Indigo

    4. Melody, Kylie, and Jude

    5. Kayla, Dylan, and Taylor

    6. Monique, Darian, and Jewel

    7. Evangeline, Christian, and Hope

    8. Daphne, Pamela, and Larry

    9. Henry, Edward, and Rose

    10. Jayden, Preston, and Nevaeh

    11. Alistair, Mae, and Trevor

    12. Ezra, Dominic, and Isadora

    13. Garrison, Parker, and Ashley

    14. Wesley, Caroline, and Harry

    15. Sawyer, Dylan, and Peyton

    16. Leonardo, Helena, and Claudio

    Source(s): my head, yo
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Emma -- Ava and Owen

    2. Rowena -- Adelaide and Lucius

    3. Azure -- Felicity and Sage

    4. Melody -- Laurel and Jasper

    5. Kayla -- Brylee and Jaden

    6. Monique -- Candice and Derrick

    7. Evangeline -- Thea and Edmund

    8. Daphne -- Penelope and Darby

    9. Henry -- Charles and Anne

    10. Jayden -- Landon and Skyla

    11. Alistair -- Evander and Maeve

    12. Ezra -- Levi and Eden

    13. Garrison -- Donovan and Micah

    14. Wesley -- Timothy and Caroline

    15. Sawyer -- Trevor and Ellery

    16. Leonardo -- Carlo and Vanna

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