Does former ONDCP advisor Calvina Fay run most of the groups supporting Citizens Protecting Michigan's Kids?

It looks like a large portion of the groups on the home page of "Citizens Protecting Michigan's Children" ( ) are only divisions of the Drug Free America Foundation, which is run by former ONDCP advisor Calvina Fay:

Students Taking Action Not Drugs--

Institute on Global Drug Policy --

International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse --

International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy --

Save Our Society From Drugs --

National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance --

Drug-Free Workplace Network, Jerome L. Houfek, President. This group is a member of the National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance (a division of the Drug Free America Foundation of which Calvina Fay is executive director)

The following groups and persons are strongly affiliated with Calvina Fay:

The Student Drug-Testing Coalition (Calvina Fay is one of the directing members of this coalition) --

Drug Prevention Network of the Americas (Stephanie Haynes is president of this group and before that co-founded Straight, Inc. which changed its name to the

Drug Free America Foundation, which is run by Calvina Fay.)--

Drug Free Schools Coalition -- "The Drug Free Schools Coalition. David Evans is executive director of the this coalition along with the likes of Colleen

Wienhoff, former Vice Chairman of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA). She gets paid to do drug testing. Evans is also with the The

Legal Foundation Against Illicit Drugs, an organization co-founded by Calvina Fay, Executive Director of DFAF." --

New Jersey Federation for Drug-Free Communities' Geraldine Silverman, is a board member of Drug Watch International of which Calvina Fay was former President


The following groups are sending the wrong message to our children by breaking federal law. They are 501(c)3 education organizations that receive grants from the government and can receive tax-deductible donations under the regulations of the IRS and are not allowed to directly participate with groups that are trying to influence political elections, such as "Citizens Protecting Michigan's Kids."

Michigan Family Forum

The Troy Community Coalition

Michigan Prevention Association

Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Southeast Michigan

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    Yes, Calvina Fay is a former ONDCP advisor who runs most of those groups supporting the group so-called Citizens Protecting Michigan's Kids. She is also staunch opponent of regulating the medical marijuana industry. Despite putting out rhetoric of wanting to protecting the children and our communities, Calvina Fay strongly favors policies that keep criminal organizations in control of the marijuana market. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, nearly a million kids a year sell illicit drugs with marijuana being by far the most commonly sold to the public.

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    Calvina Fay

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