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What do you think of this?

Michael Smith was 49 and would be 50 in the morning.

This was his thought as he lay in bed counting off those hours- that middle-age was dying and a new old-age was imminant. Something dark, unmentionable and undeniable.

'I'll be 50 tomorrow,' he choked quietly. He hardly dare say it but of course it was true. It was indeed true.

What had 49 years given him? Well, wrinkles, a premature paunch and greying hair, but as a person? Michael thought deeply. The only thing he could really think of was his three wives. Divorced, died, survived.

And they came to him.

First he heard the voice of his first wife, Maria. She was so real before him, a materialised spirit. Not a ghost, almost tangible. Her hair was brown and she wore too much make-up. She was attractive in a slightly-garish way and was 21 years old. Her wedding dress was a mad-80's style dress in an incredibly passe style.

'Mike!' She squealed and jumped up and down.

Michael smiled, amused.

'Hey, Maria. Dress is a bit dated.' Maria frowned.

'This was my wedding dress!'

'You're not a ghost, are you?...'

'God, no! I'm still alive. Just 'coz you can't feel me up anymore doesn't mean I've snuffed it,' she replied, laughing crassly.

Maria had always intimidated Michael a little bit. She always seemed to want to go to discos. It was at a disco that he met her, under the mirror ball. The disco lights gave her the quality of being very attractive and whenever Michael had looked at her it always seemed to be in disco lights.

'Why are you here? We got divorced in '82 and I haven't seen you since then. So why aren't you older?'

Maria laughed. 'In your mind I'm permenantly 19, okay? When you married me. Do you really want to imagine me as a 46 year old?'. Michael smiled grimly. quite frankly not. Maria coughed, her brown hair bouncing with her.

'Do you know why I left you?'

'Is that why you're here, so I can blame myself?'

'Not quite'

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer

    That is really good! It reminds me of A Christmas Story, but with wives, and so much better! Are you going to continue it? Does it have a title?

    If not, what about something like "A Love Story: Past On, Good Riddance, and Forever"?

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is really good! Seriously, I love the air of mystery about it, and how you give us only a few clues... Very well written.

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