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What is your favorite Joe Biden gaffe?

He is such a funny man. He really makes me laugh with some of the stuff he says like his comment about Barack and clean and the television comment to Katie.


Julian - your comment is not tolerant and not even on point but thanks anyway

Update 2:

Katydid and Blonde - sorry you couldn't answer the question, but that's ok, Joe has the same problem sometimes - he gets confused.

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    3 letter word for you J-O-B-S.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My favorite Joe Biden gaffe is " Barack Obama is not qualified to be president. The presidency is no place for on the job training".

  • Lord, there are so many to choose from. I have to say, "Stand up Chuck!" (to a man in a wheelchair) is one of my favorite gaffes. And the rant in which he talks about his Beretta and how Obama "ain't gonna take my guns."

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    I'm an Obama guy, but Joe Biden can be a real idiot sometimes.

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    The one about FDR being on television.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When he allowed Palin to call him Joe, so she couls say, "say it ain't so, Joe."

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    I think it was when he said that the dinosaurs were around until 4000 years ago. I also laughed when he said "abstinence only" works. Oh my bad. That wasn't Biden who said those things was it?

  • Julian
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    1 decade ago

    Biden is much better person than the pathetic war monger Palin.

  • I loved it when he said "Global warming is a myth" and not man made....wait... I just pulled a katydid.


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    that he want spend his life on an island with mccain


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    I still laugh at him telling the wheelchair bound guy to "stand up". Idiot.

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