Why won't Obama show his birth certificate? There are 3 lawsuits now that would go away if he did.?

I guess he really doesn't have one. If he shows one on Internet then he ought to be able to show it to the courts.

the 3--

Steve Marquis of Fall City

filed a lawsuit in King County Superior Court directing Secretary of State Sam Reed to get the proof – or remove Obama’s name from ballots.

Andy Martin filed suit in the First Circuit Court in Honolulu today seeking a court order to open Barack Obama's secret birth records.

Berg in Pennsylvania,,,


nothingc... if you will look you will see they have not been laughed at nor have they been thrown out,, they are ongoing federal cases at this moment.

Update 2:

holy cow-- it is so easy to see that you just take Obama's webpage as truth and haven't researched it for yourself,, quit being lazy and dumb.

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    Lawsuits challenging a candidates elligability are common, even routine. There have literally been dozens in this campaign alone, including against John McCain who was born in Panama. For some reason a small number of people have latched onto the Berg lawsuit as if it had any more merit than the rest of them. It would appear that it doesn't.

    If you would like to see Obama's birth certificate then you should just search it out since it has been posted for months and verified authentic by the State of Hawaii. Here, I'll even help you.



    I should add the most important reason why no credence should be given to these various legal challenges.

    The McCain/Palin campaign is not persuing any of them.

    Every campaign of course has teams of lawyers whose job is to first and foremost weed out any rivals. If these citizenship claims had any merit Obama would not have made it half-way through the primaries. Seriously folks, do you not think McCains advisers would be all over this issue if there was anything to it? It would guarantee them the white house unapposed!

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    birth certificates can be a tricky thing , i had a birth certificate , joined the army , had to have one , had it with my first marriage , well i lost it , and now the state says there is no record of me . or my birth certificate , so the county i was born in says all their records in folders were lost in a fire , so now i just look for old milk cartons with my pic on em lol , i honestly hate thinking this man will win the presidency , i think people are in for so much trouble that they are just not seeing when he does , and unfortunately it really looks as he will win , im republican and i cant say as i am overly pleased with mccain either , i feel like we have come down to the lessor of two evils , why could colan powell not have just stepped up and ran ,

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    Thus far, the only true thing Obama has said is spreading the wealth around is a good thing. Of course those of us that understand economics know this is called socialism. I have no idea why Obama will not show his correct birth certificate. Of course the dems say why his real one is right there on fact check, but the have not read Bergs report of why he is filing a lawsuit. When someone does not come right out and clear up a dispute. then they are hiding something.

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    I don't think in the end it will matter...

    the birth certificate that has been on the web is a certificate of live birth its the kind of certificate you get when your born at home...we all know that he was born alive...now I would like to see the one that certifies his live birth in the State of Hawaii...

    always nosnod

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    Exactly if there is nothing to hide why not produce it to a Judge instead of a photo of it to pro Obama bloggers.

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    isn't it obtrusive? Obama is a humanoid controlled via bush, who works for Osama (thats the place he gets his call, with the 'b' from bush). it fairly is why the yankee troops have become out of Iraq so as that Al Kaeda can prosper.

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    It's good to know that two more are filed. This is ridiculous!

    Maybe that's our Oct. surprise, eh? A real birth certificate from Kenya!

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    For people who say there is no merit, then WHY won't he produce a BC


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    Did you know that anyone can bring a lawsuit for anything?

    And then, when it gets in front of the judge, he laughs and throws it out.

    Plus in civil suits it is the plaintiff.. not the defendant that has the burden of proof.

    These lawsuits were brought to stir people like you up. I imagine if you had the money you could bring one too.



    Get real lady.. if you are going to NOT vote Obama, think of a more legitimate reason.. there are plenty out there.

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