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What kind of jobs could i get with a associate in applied science?

concentration on legal services but i don't know if i want to get in to the law field anymore.

so what else can i look into while going to school for my bachelors?


DO jobs come easier with an associates degree or is it as hard as it is without one??

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  • CoachT
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    1 decade ago
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    Some jobs are easier with the associates and some actually require at least the associates. Having the degree AND applicable experience is the real key to making the job hunt easiest. Finding any job in this economy is a challenge - having the degree gives you some advantage over those without.

    I suspect a legal services associates is only applicable to legal assistant/legal secretary/paralegal type jobs depending on the courses you took. There are some neat jobs in government that you can get with that degree though. Things like the clerks at the register of deeds and courts are interesting to some people and pay pretty well.

    As for the bachelor's - you're going to find that much of an AAS degree won't transfer to a bachelor's degree program unless you were very careful in course selection.

    Most important though, don't make the decision based on leveraging that AAS degree into the BA/BS. Think of your AAS as it's own credential and decide on a bachelor's degree based on what you want to do with the bachelor's degree.

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