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how can I open a software development company?

I want to open a software development company, I want to know how can i do this. How can I get projects and what about the costs incurred.

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    1 decade ago
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    Starting the company is the easy part - your initial capital investment for a software development company is minimal (you just need a computer, good online access, some business cards, and a website would be nice and look professional but you don't necessarily need it up front).

    Getting projects and building a solid base of customers is the more challenging part, especially at first. An easy way to get started is to look for projects on some of the online freelance sites like and It is very easy to set yourself up with a profile as a freelancer, and then bid on projects that are posted on there.

    Make sure that you set yourself up with a strong profile and if you have a website link to it - that will allow clients to see that you are professional, have the skills they need for the project, and it can set you apart from other bidders.

    And once you have a couple of projects under your belt, don't be afraid to ask your clients for a testimonial for you to use with new customers or for your website or marketing material (assuming the project went well, of course).

    But beware of projects that are just bidding too low (or where the client clearly has an unrealistic budget). Make sure that the budget you bid at is one you can make a living at (depends where you are located). And realize that if you live in the US or Western Europe, you may be underbid by bidders that live in parts of the world with much lower cost of living.


  • 1 decade ago

    I have opened more than one software development company and all it takes is to get some business cards, letterhead and access to a computer

    Getting projects is the hard part. In fact if I was any good at it I would still be in the software development business. Unfortunately my technical competence is mirrored by my sales incompetence. If you are a good sales person able to generate your own leads you can do quite well.

    As long as you are running a one person shop your costs are minimal. A separate phone line plus the cost of the stuff listed above. Even after you get big enough to have a sizable payroll you can still operate out of a spare bedroom so costs can remain quite low.

    Hope this helps


  • 5 years ago

    I recommend you to start searching for projects on freelance platfroms, so you could get rating and show that your work is good..And later on it is better to visit different IT events to get long-term customers

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