acne has literally ruined my life...:(?

i hate life because of my acne. I started getting acne since freshman year in high school and I still have it, now that I'm in my 1st year of college. I wouldn't say my skin is BAD because i know if I got rid of my acne, I wouldn't have any scars, and my skin is soft and smooth and even-textured. But I constantly break out with medium-sized, painful pimples. I've been going to the dermatologist for a year now and at first i took doxycycline and used ziana gel, and my skin was so clear and beautiful. But during the summer, my skin started breaking out again. I'm currently using Differin and Benzaclin, but they're not too useful. I'm waiting for accutane, and my dermatologist tells me not to worry about my skin because I have very mild acne. But what i see in the mirror is completely different. My acne has taken a psychological toll on me. I am so insecure about myself because of my skin that I can't look at people straight when they talk to me. All I do is stay home because I'm too embarrassed to hang out with people. I know guys are attracted to me and I have a pretty face, but when they try to pursue something, I hold back because of my acne. I know acne is mainly genetics, and sometimes I feel so angry towards my dad who had terrible acne during his teen years (my mother had perfect skin). My best friend rinses her face is water and she NEVER breaks out. People say acne is caused by diet, etc, but why the hell do i have to change my whole freaking lifestyle to have decently clear skin when there are overweight people eating pizza everyday who have perfectly fine skin? It's so unfair. I'm so obsessed with my skin that I need to wash my face for like 10 minutes in order to feel secure. And it's such a hassle to go through my whole acne regimen everyday after school when I'm exhausted. I'm in a pharmacy program which is really competitive. I have a lot of stress and the last thing i want to stress about is skin. I'm scared that accutane isn't going to help. Ugh i feel so miserable and I feel like crying everyday.

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    Don't believe all the hype about diet and dermatology. The number one cause of acne is hormones. If you are female go to an OB/GYN and ask for a acne reducing birth control pill. Accutane can cause cancer. Try the pill first. Remember that stress has a huge effect on hormones--do whatever you can to reduce stress. Exercise, meditation, laughter. If that doesn't help than look into those other things.

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    Ive had acne since i was ten, and people at school would ask why l have spots on my face because they didn't understand acne. They just thought it was chicken spots. So i would have to tell the whole explanation again. Boring. My mom wouldn't let me wear make up because im 11 (nearly 12) but i look so much older!! Like 14 or something! Anyway. U could try covering up the acne by using non comogenic make up ,preferably foundation. Because normal makeup has chemical that would irritate ur skin this one wont. Ive tried all those other clean and clear stuff and whatever. But they never work. Maybe its cos i got oily skin. Ive even tried steaming my face with a steamer, because my mum is obsessed with clean clean faces and body . She got this tool and tried popping my blackheads but it HURT MAN. But i would advise u not to cover it up, cos im sure ur beautiful/handsome and there's no need to worry. LOVE LIFE!!! šŸ˜

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    I feel the same way cos i've suffered form bad acne since the age of 12 and at 25 I still suffer from it, it rots away any confidence you may have had to begin with, you are lucky though that you don't have any scarring unlike me, nothing my dermatologist has given me has worked but Accutane may work for you as your acne sounds relatively mild, though to me any acne on a young persons face is bad especially in this day and age with pressure about one's looks in the media etc. Life just ain't fair, I don't smoke, drink much alcohol or eat fatty foods yet others I know who do just that have clear skin, tell your doctor how depressed you feel and they may be able to refer you to a cognitive therapist who can work through your confidence issues as it sounds like it simply needs boosting and after all if guys find you attractive (i'm not so lucky) you're actually very fortunate, good luck!!!!

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    i have had acne since i was 12. everything i tried didnt help my skin and some even damaged my skin. i tried proactive all it did was give me chemical burns.i tried clearasil(which made my skin blister),clean and clear, neutrogena blah blah blah. nothing helped.i eventually went to see a dermatologist and he said for me to stop using that 'crap' (direct quote) thats out on the market. my prob was is the reason i had acne and oily skin was because i had constantly stressed sensitive skin. when it got stressed it would produce massive amounts of oil to help seal it against the it the irritation but of course all it did was make it break out. i also had a hormonal issue with to much hormones being produced which caused inflammation. on that note the pill didnt help that prob either.U should only be washing 2 times a day as over washing can make it produce more oil also try not to touch ur face if u can help it. Eventually my dermo reccomended this brand called Akin its 100% organic and it doesnt mess with my skin like the other harsher stuff now 25 my skin is way better now its lost all the redness it had and just soothes it.i break out still occasionally like when i get my period but i no longer get the cysts and large pimples i used to get. i use the Sandalwood and Neroli facewash,Orange blossom toner and the White tea and Aloe mattifying gel creme for moisture (no oil at all it actually makes ur skin feel normal) maybe try it see what it does for ur skin cos it made mine managable.i buy mine from a health store but there is an online store. try and i hope it works for u cos i hated my acne for so long i started to not even care about dating cos i thought i couldnt get noone, dont let urself fall into that mindset cos it eats away at u. wishing u the best of luck sweets i hope u find this helpful.

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    While it took little less than two months for me to really see a difference, my acne, blackheads and whole lot of other skin problems I had such as eczema had completely cleared! It was totally amazing...

    Get Rid Of Acne Permanently?

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    You need to try the "Cleanse and Treat" pads by Quinnova. I tried everything from Proactive to hardcore cleansers with 50 letter names like Benziohydrololicioxide or something, haha.

    The pad is basically two-sided, with a cleanser on one side and the acne medication on the other (hence the name cleanse and treat). They make you feel and look like crap for about a month (red, peeling, breakouts), and then your skin gets amazing.

    I took a picture of them.

    And by the way, accutane works for everybody. It's just not worth the cost and should be a last-resort. Plus, if you're a female, you also have to go on birth control.

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    Eating proper is the key to fighting off acne. If you consume food items that are really oily, which have quite small dietary worth, and which are really processed or artificial, you are filling your body with fats, toxins, and excess sugar.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about that! Do you use a lot of facial products? Ever since grade 8 i never go a day without a face cream of some sort and that helps. if you have a serious problem with it you should get a chemical peel surgery or something along that! I bet you it would help so much!

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    wow thats long but i read it. you already said that guys are attracted to your pretty face, thats more than many girls can say. everybody is gonna have something they don't like. you just have to deal with it when you have outbreaks and act normal like when youre face is clear and really people dont treat you differently when you have a big pimple on your face.

    what you can do is see if you can get antibiotics prescrbed from the doctor and if THOSE dont work, then worry about accutane not working. accutane is pretty much supposed to work. anyway dont be so consious about the acne. hope i helped

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