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可以幫我翻譯一下句子嗎!! 拜託 急






是否有英文高手能幫我翻譯出來 謝謝

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    Human coffee on the bias

    Coffee is often the only kind of non-alcoholic beverages in the scum, is a stimulating beverage, many people think that will affect human health, heart disease and mental disorders are Guaidao his head, coffee contains the acid that is often Gastric ulcer is caused by the killer, the newborn's weight or miscarriage, and so on, and coffee only indirectly led to the balance of calcium deficiency caused by osteoporosis, with coffee in the eyes of human health is not to draw an equal sign, would like to have a good The body must give up a cup of coffee.

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    The health effects of coffee

    After medical researchers around the world put forward a number of studies to actually prove that coffee does not only harm the human body, coffee can stimulate the muscle or the role of the central nervous system, enhance physical endurance,

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