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Esophagus: negative.

Stomach: there are plenty of food material still noted in the lumen and a deep

ulcer is noted at the ant. wall of the pylorus to the ant. wall of the

duodenal bulb, and biopsy is performed for the CLO test.

Duodenum: as above description, and the 2nd portion is negative.

Diagnosis: Gastroduodenal ulcer.

CLO test ( ++ ).

Note: Food stasis is noted, please F/U PES for biopsy and further evaluation

after treatment and stable condition.


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    食道: 沒事

    胃: 還有食物在裡面 and 有一個很深的潰瘍從幽門(胃接12指腸處)前壁至12指腸前端, 有採樣做幽門桿菌測試.(ant.是anterior)

    十二指腸: 前端如上描述,第二段以後正常

    診斷結果: 胃及十二指腸潰瘍

    幽門桿菌測試: ++ (就是有囉)

    注意: 有積食在胃, 建議治療後再做內視鏡採樣追蹤以評估病患穩定情形


    保重啦 要乖乖用藥喔

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