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    Yo. Sorry that if you misunderstood because of my poor English. I was telling you that I was going to grab something to eat around my place with friends. I thought you might wait too long online so I was letting you know first. I know your leg hurt and did not well. I was not asking you to come over that far. I wanted you to have some good rests. I won't give people difficult time. Sorry for any confusion. Peace out.

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    did not feel well....^^a

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    sorry about my poor English to have you mis-understood what I meant. On that day, I tried to tell you I would be out having meals with my friends nearby. But I didn't want to hold you on line, waiting for me such long time. And furthermore I knew your foot hurt and not feeling good with it. What I said didn't mean to ask you coming over to have meal with me from so far away. I want you to take a rest. I don't mean to have hard feeling. Sorry about this mistake.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My apology that we may have some misunderstanding with each other the other day because of my poor English. I meant to say that I was heading out to get something to eat with my friends. It may take some time so I didn't want to keep you online waiting for me. I know you have hurt you feet and did not feel well. And it was not my intention to get you coming over all the way just to be with me for nigh snack. I do hope that you get a good rest. I am not that kind of person who makes things difficult. Again I am sorry that I did not make myself clear enough and caused the misunderstanding.

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