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Why do people keep saying that socialism takes away freedom?

Just to clarify for the ignorant Republican-voting masses, Socialism is an economic policy, and has nothing to do with the taking away or giving of freedoms. It is purely a fiscal policy, and if you want to look at who will really be taking away your freedoms, you may want to look at the party that has introduced The Patriot Act, illegal detention and espionage towards American citizens, and the reduction of rights for women and homosexuals. That is the loss of freedom.

Please point out the facts that back your idea that socialism takes away freedom, without including Stalinism, Maoism, Leninism, etc. (which are all dictatorial corruptions of Communism, which isn't Socialism either) (look up the difference, if you don't understand, before answering, so as to look smarter)

I'm guessing nobody will though, as that takes analysis, logic, and knowledge of politics.


Oh sorry, Beth, (and good eye, by the way, spotting the one I forgot) also please remember to not include Castroism, the Cuban form of dictatorial "Communism" and look at real socialist governments (like the Nordic Countries, Switzerland, or to a lesser extent, continental Europe)

Update 2:

Eric R. why don't you enlighten me, buddy? Or should we just take you at your word that I don't understand anything? I could run circles around you in political knowledge

Update 3:

Johnny Sokko, you should have read my instructions, unfortunately you just proved yourself ignorant too (I've really been trying to help too guys, reading is knowledge, knowledge is power :) ..) you just talked about Communism again... Socialism works well, as long as it's not put in place by a desperate South American government that has been in the economic toilet for its entire existence.

Snowball, you did a better job, but to clarify: No, Socialists don't want everyone to make the same. They just tax you more the more you make, up to a certain point, just like we do already. True, there won't be any more billionaires or 500 millionaires, and that's a good thing to me. Nobody can even use that much money. It just gets passed down to their heirs, and is a result of exploitation of many Americans below them.

Update 4:

DALE M, have you been paying attention? You can read, right? The guy above you made a fair to good argument that I will consider for best answer (as I'm not a total partisan hack) but you just ruined my elation about a good response from an opposing viewpoint

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    Peter they all brainwashed in the US about socialism. OMG I'm Danish will I be allowed on Yahoo lmao. Can I travel? have freedom of expression? will Queen Margrethe be allowed to remain Queen of Denmark? And the very people who say all of Europe is socialist have one: never been to Europe: two are brainwashed just like the McCarthy era in the 50's. Americans tell the difference between "socialism

    Snowball you talk pure rubbish

    You're basic your fact on what you read in wikipedia?

    Now you wouldn't perhap be like Sarah Palin? just got a passport in 2006? and can see Russia from your front door lmao. Does this sound like socialism snowball?

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    Well let's take a look:

    What happens when the Government takes over health care? Who determines what kind of coverage you may obtain, who dictates the price, who dictates which doctors you see. Lets don't forget what facilities you may use, and don't forget who pays for it. Seems like I should be the determining factor in all these questions, not someone sitting in a Government office looking at the masses vs the individual.

    Lets talk about education. Who will determine what grades a person needs to get into a Government run College. Who choses what courses may or may not be taught? Who determines the pay for the administrators?

    Lets talk about retirement. Who will determine when you can retire, what age, what income, what your benefits will be.

    Look at the banking sector of the economy. Who would be determining what policies the bank Must follow. Who will determine their pay scale?

    You can go to the auto segment of the economy. Who determines what choices we have.

    This goes on and on. I believe the issue you and others fail to see is due to our having the freedom to make our own choices, many take it for granted and think it will always be the same. That's not Socialism. When you have the Government taking over more and more of the daily options you begin to let them make the choices for you and you will live with their directives. This is why our founding fathers wanted our system to have government play a small riole in the everyday lives of its citizens. With the current financial mess we are heading 180 degrees from how this coiuntry was established. The original plan must have been very good as the US became the envy of the world.

    Last thought. I have been fortunate to have traveled through out much of Europe. According to most financial advisors those countries are headed toward financial disaster as their social programs are heading them toward financial chaos. Why do you think the president of France is trying to rescind some of the government hand outs. They know they can't sustain their economy. The gentlemen who recently retired from head of the GAO has gone on record stating that with in 30 yrs, due to our existing entitlement programs this country has no way of raising enough taxes to pay for the programs. As a result major overhaul of these programs with in the US most be inacted. So when you hear all of the programs politicians are proposing just be aware these are campaign tactics that haven't a chance in the world to be reality. Remenber ( maybe you are to young) when Bill Clinton campaigned during his first run for president, he promised to cut taxes? Soon after taking office he passed one of the largest tax increases as of that time. Try not to believe everything you currently hear and see the reality of politics and finances.

  • DALE M
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    If you think that Socialism is just an economic policies then go to Cuba, Russia, Red China, or any country that is ran by a Socialist and say some thing about their leader and find out what happens. You will either be put in prison or shot for making disparaging remarks. Here you have the right to say anything that you want to about the government and how they run things. You can go out and buy what ever you want, what ever bran you want and the government can't say a thing about it. And that all thanks to our founding fathers. Not one person runs the government and not just one party unless the people allow it to happen. Elect Obama and the top is what you will get.

  • Anonymous
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    Freedom Guy is right. Have you heard of the concept of Equality of Results? That's ensuring everyone comes out on top, no matter how much harder and more diligently someone may have worked for their success.

    I love Equal Opportunity. But Equality of Results and socialism (Obama's plan) is taking away the freedom of successful people to enjoy what they've worked for by forcing them to give of their wealth to others. Why not leave that decision up to them? Let them decide how much they want to give and to whom?

    Socialism basically destroys the entire concept of freedom by limiting how much a person can make and how far they can go in life. You make more than 250,000 bucks a year? Well, I'm gonna take some of that for those people that didn't really bother to work as hard as you.

    Socialists want everybody to make about the same paycheck in the end, regardless of what kind of job you work, for how long, for how hard, no matter what extra pains you may have taken to get where you are - such as addtional schooling, putting in overtime for the last 10 years, sacrificing time with family, etc.

    It's government ownership of economic enterprise - personally, I don't want the government hovering over everything I'm involved in, but that's what you get with socialism.

    That all classes should exist on the same level, forbidding, essentially, anyone from being able to rise if they so desire.

    That, I think, limits freedom a great deal.

    Source(s): Look up a definition of socialism in your textbook.
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    No, it just takes a knowledge of history.

    Socialism is a classical example of an idea that works only on paper.

    It eventually oppresses the very class that it attempts to liberate and historically they have devolved into dictatorships.

    EDIT: You've been given plenty of good reasons to abandon your childish fantasies about a Utopian socialist society. Take the useful advise and do your own homework.

  • 4 years ago

    Patricia Kluge Wiki

  • 1 decade ago

    Socialism takes money from someone that earned it and gives it to someone that did not earn it. Financial freedom to excel is lost.

    With socialism, the government controls the means of production, not the people. Freedom is lost to produce based on raw market demand.

    Socialism forces public services such as health care on the population. Freedom to choose is lost.

    Socialism limits your ability to achieve the American Dream, by forcing you to pay for someone else's house or credit card or school loans.

    Socialism destroys the middle class... the result? a ruling class and a large number of socialist slaves. Where will you end up?

    Socialism is pure force.. your maybe holding a bag of money, but the government gun is pointed at your head. Theft.

  • Anonymous
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    i think our coutry is socialist. people just try todeny it. Just remember who do u call for help (cops, firefighters, ambulance) or who pays for a free education. there are many more examples. I believe U.S health care shoul be socialize for the benefit of the middle class and poor.

  • Eric R
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    Peter has absolutely no idea of what he is talking about. He simply spews forth ideas and words he gets from Liberal Blogs.

    Please do not pay attention to anything this person says and everything will be fine.

    EDIT: Glad to see I got you so riled up. I stand by what I say earlier after looking at your other questions and answers. You are not very informed at all

    I am Eric R. and I approve this message

    Source(s): common sense
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Socialism, as defined by Karl Marx, doesn't take away any rights. But heavens forbid people do some research on the topic of Socialism. It's much easier to think Socialism = Communism = Soviet Union.

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