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Someone else asked this question, & now it's bugging me because I've seen it and I've been wondering the same thing for SO long now. BTW it is not running scared, ok? : )

"The wife of the main character at one point goes looking for either her kid or another kid that was kidnapped by a guy in a van that takes him to his home( a high end NY apt I think) so him and his wife can file themselves killing the kid. They have done it before, they have a shelf of movies they have made. Oh, The kid at one point calls or gets a cal from the woman and he tells her he was kidnapped and doesn't know where he is at. She tells him to look in the medicine cab. to get an address. The woman finds the apt., knocks on the door, the wacko guy and wife answer and tell her there is nothing wrong ( the kid is in the "Camera Room" tied and gagged) and doesn't know what she is talking about. She leaves..takes a few steps away and then goes back, forces her way into the apt. at gun point. Finds the "Disney like camera room" , is freaked out, but doesn't find him right takes her a while and then finds him it a closet suffocating. She saves the kid and kills the two wackos, calling them "sick *****". Then she brings the kid back to her husband....I think? What the hell is the name of this flick. Maybe Bruce Willis is the husband, but I've looked and don't recognize it.


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    i dont no the answer but didnt these people see your said it wasnt running scared...and what do people answer with ( RUNNING SCARED ) derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    im actually confused this a trick question because that does sound like running scared lmao

    answer this please or watch;_ylt=AmHFU...

    Source(s): do i get best answer just for saying this?? hehehe
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    Hi i think that the movie that you're talking about is called One Eight Seven (187) because it is a 1997 movie, and u said u watched it years ago. Also, the main character is a teacher (playd by Samuel Jackson)caught with gang trouble in an urban high school and in the end they play russian roulette and he dies in the end. OH YEAH and 187 is the police code for murder :) I hope this is the movie ur talking about!

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    Crap the Paul Walker movie Running Scared! pretty good flick!

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    I know that you said on the other person's question from whom you copied and pasted here that you have a copy of Running Scared. Well, pop it in the machine and verify for all of us that we are, indeed, RIGHT. It's RUNNING SCARED!

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  • MOSS
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    "Running Scared" (2006) with Paul Walker

    The kid Walker's trying too track down hides in a van that belongs to a creepy couple that takes him and two other kids back to their creepy appartment.

  • 1 decade ago

    Running Scared

    Really creepy @ the apt. w/ the kid in the closet !

  • Anonymous
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    Home Alone 2 lost in NY

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    dude give me the best answer! its running scared with paul walker, very good movie

  • Anonymous
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    hahaha sounds like an interestiong movie

    sry never heard of it

  • Anonymous
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