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SUB 20 and SUB 17 of Mexico?

SUB 17 of Mexico defeated Peru last Sunday 1-0, they looking good so far.With goal by Carlos Campo with a penalty kick. They will face Peru again Sunday October 19. Coach: "Chucho" Ramirez.

Now the SUB 20 will concetrate from October 19 to October 23, 2008.

The List:


Liborio Sanchez-Chivas

Carlos Rodriguez-Morelia

Miguel Centeno-Toluca


Cristian Emmanuel Sanchez-Jaguares

Cesar Cercado- Lobos BUAP

Nestor Vidrio- Atlas

Daniel Montes- Chivas

Oswaldo Alanis- Tecos

Darvin Chavez- Atlas

Juan Ocampo- Chivas


Cesar Martinez- Monterrey

Jose Ramon Partida- Tecos

Homero Guarjado- Monterrey

Luis Perez- Necaxa

Angel Partida- Tecos

Andres Rodriguez- America

Jose Recio- Monterrey

Paul Conde- Tijuana

Jorge Hernandez- Jaguares

Jamie Toledo- Santos


Arnhold Rivas- Tecos

Jesus Duenas- Tigres

Edgar Pacheco- Atlas

Axel Velasquez- Atlas

What do you hope for Mexico and think about this?

Whats your Opinion


i agree rafa! with the Vidrio part

ive seen him play i like to watch him play

i hope he replaces marquez after he retires

Update 2:

ive seen half of these guys play

about 14 of them

i give a lot of interest in young players.

so ill be the one that finds out about these guys before most people do.

Update 3:

lol the joke

nice one

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    Looks like Mexico has a strong future with all these youths showing up, I just hope they don't end up like Dos Santos. But speaking about youths here's a dirty joke :) ...

    A child was bugging his dad and the dad had enough. He gave the child a dollar and told to go to the store and buy a dollar's worth of What's What. So the child goes to the store and asks the store clerk for some What's What. Immediately the clerk thought something was up and told to go the house across the street. So the kid goes to the house, knocks on the door and a naked lady opens the door up. Staring at her crotch he points and goes, "What's that?"

    The woman looks down and goes, "What's what?"

    The kid holds up his money and said, "I'll have a dollar's worth."

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    Nestor Vidrio and Arnhold Rivas are the only ones i have really seen play! I thought Nestor Vidrio was an amazing CB!!

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    i think we have a young steedy strong team...n we can do good...i jus hope they dnt mess up n keep foucsed and not lett a loss or a goal against them mess with their heads....i think they can take it all the way

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i hope they win and there is lot's of players that i didn't know

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