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Friend needs to make it from Chicago, IL to Dublin, OH (Basically Columbus, OH) by Train. Metra? Amtrack? ?

Long story short… A friend of mine and his family are coming to Chicago next week (Thu – Tue) to see family and visit me. His class got rescheduled at the last min and he is being told he has to be in class on Friday AND Monday so they would, basically, either have to cancel the trip OR send him back by rail so he can go to class while they stay in Chicago and then they all go back to Ohio as a family.

I know NOTHING about rail travel other then Metra Rail here in the Chicago-Land Area.

Can someone please help me look this info up?

I have a hard time using the “L” here in Chicago without getting lost… I don’t want to somehow ship him off to Canada!

Thanks for ANY advice you can provide!

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    I'm from Columbus, I've done the trip several times. It's been over 20 years since rail service stopped in Columbus, so your friend is out of luck there. Megabus is cheap, but if you're trying to get somewhere on a schedule it's not necessarily the best bet. My Megabus trips have only been on time about 50% of the time. Greyhound is very affordable, and so is Southwest Airlines, and flying only takes an hour. As a previous poster said, Southwest fares can be as low as $59 each way if they are purchased early enough. Greyhound isn't bad, either... if you take the evening bus out they don't do all the stops in between, and one transfer at Indianapolis will get your friend to downtown Columbus [not far from Dublin, especially if there's a friend to pick your friend up] in about 8 hours. If the Greyhound fare is purchased at least 7 days in advance, it can cost somewhere around $92 round trip. Those are pretty much your options. Like I said earlier, though, the least expensive trip would be through Megabus, which may add up to $80 round trip... but if the ticket is purchased early enough, could only cost $2.50. The only thing is, at least in my experience, these buses are regularly off schedule. Use this if your friend is a fan of gambling.

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    No Amtrak service to Columbus. The closest station is Cincinnati...8 1/2 hrs away:

    another 2 hrs on a bus to Columbus:

    Why not a Greyhound trip? 81/2 hrs, Chgo to Columbus:

    Better yet, a plane can get him to Columbus in an hour for $59.00:

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    No trains to Columbus. Try Southwest airlines out of Midway. Some times their flights are very cheap

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    Why don't he just fly coach if he wanna save money.

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