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Does anyone care that Obama is disturbed (see memoir) and of extremely poor character?

Just checking.

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    obama is a

    Great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement

    devoted attachment to, or extravagant admiration for, a person, principle or lifestyle,

    something popular or fashionable among a particular section of society

    a group with extreme or dangerous philosophical or political ideas

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    lets compare the people at McCain's vs Obama's rallies.

    keep in mind, there are more racist, backward morons in America than educated. The differences in the rallies are proof.

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    I think it is extremely honest of him to admit to being unsure of himself. Every human being is at one time in a similar situation. Its definatly veryempowering when someone running for such a high office can admit and accept that, thats what his past was. I'm glad he has figured out who he is, and I bet he'll be a great president. I also believes that smears against him for this is extremely immature, and fairly weak, seeing as 99% of adult americans were unsure of them selves at some point. Plenty of Caucasian/Minority americans feel discriminated at some point in time. 95% of all adults in america has tryed drugs. Those are facts. I'm just glad that he admits it.

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    Yes I care because I know he is disturbed person.

    If he gets elected.

    The USA is in the PATH of becoming COMMUNIST COUNTRY.

    Read about how a communist country end up a communist country and what the leader of that country did for start and get elected.

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    What you are doing is ranting, at least according to Y!A's Community Guidelines. You are stating an opinion - and an unsubstantiated one at that -- in the guise of asking a question.

    However, since I am an adult and can handle disagreement, I will not report you.

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    I find him pretty offensive. He cuts people off and assumes a phony deep voice and waves his finger like a parent. He wont answer with questions and makes overly general statements.

    It seems like nobody else around him really likes him much either. I wouldnt want the guy in my living room.

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    Okay...nope. I LIKE the way he keeps his head, and doesn't snap like some other clearly 'non-disturbed' candidates when under pressure.

    I like his poor character. I think his "Poor Character" is just what this country needs.

    Unlike the upstanding characters we've dealt with these past 8 years.

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    You're lying. What facts do you have to support your opinion?

    Before you go around spreading your ignorance, check the facts and make sure you can support your claims, sweetheart.

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    1 decade ago

    What? Sorry your question doesn't make since to me, but I can tell you this much, Obama is the greatest American in the 21 century.

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    I hope McCain Wins.

    Obama is just the "fad."

    He has NO EXPERIENCE (100 days in the Foreign Exchange doesn't count)

    He is a liar

    and McCain is an all around, better person.

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    We know this in Illinois. What concerns me is that the rest of the country doesn't realize this fact.

    Source(s): Illinois resident since 1966
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