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frjk asked in Pregnancy & ParentingAdolescent · 1 decade ago

Where do you take your teenage drug addicted son to get help in NJ?

We have had the police, DYFS, JSMC (local hospital), crisis intervention, my insurance company and a million people spoken to. Nothing. There is nowhere in NJ. My son is out of control on prescription pain killers, pot, alcohol and who knows what and there is no place in NJ that will take him unless he wants help. Even though he is a minor at age 17. They will not take him unless he says he needs help. Some new laws or something. We are going crazy as he wastes his life away. Anyone, please help!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Try having an intervention. He's not going to ask for help because he thinks he doesn't need help.

    Just over 2 years ago my older sister was smoking crack and not caring about anything. She thought she was in control of her life and that everything was fine. My parents had just about given up on her when I stepped in and suggested an intervention. It was more like a 1 person intervention because my sister didn't want to have anything to do with either of my parents so I was the one to talk to her. She took off for a couple of days and then called me to say that she was sick of her life and ready to change.

    I think the best thing for your son would be to sit down and talk to him. Let him know that you are there for him and that you love him but his actions are hurting not only himself but everyone that loves him.

    Good luck to you.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I hope this link helps;

    If you can't find any rehab that'll accept him

    just search for a NA meeting in your town, there like in every town.

    OR you could cross over to PA and go to philly the have to have places for that, i mean it's the city.

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