Cashing Ace Cash Express/MoneyGram money orders? Please read more...?

Because of money order scams I am having trouble cashing a couple money orders I received and need to transfer to someone overseas. I checked out the money orders using MoneyGram's toll free number and was told they had "no stops or holds". My bank will not cash them and nearby check cashing places won't either. Does anyone know a local chain (I live in Southern Illinois) that will cash these? I don't care about the fee. I will take my fee out first anyway. I need a place that can check them out. It should be easy since there is a number on the money order. Again, Ace Cash Express, MoneyGram or Western Union and others all want cash to do the transfer but I need to get the cash first. It would be eaasy money for someone to just do both at once and collect an easy fee. Thanks.

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    now I want to know to whom are you sending these money orders to

    overseas? how did you get these money orders in the first place?

    did someone buy something from you and then sent you an overpayment?

    now they want you to cash the money orders and then send them the "change?_

    those money orders are probably counterfeit in the first place

    if thats the scam this is a scam

    thats why the banks wont cash them because they are counterfeit

    you also the bank wont cash them -did they give you a reason why?

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    Ace Cash Express Scam

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    5 years ago
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    How big are they? I'll cash 'em. Or shop online.

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