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movie from the 80s-90's about a girl who becomes a boy?

I rented this once a really long time ago but have no idea what it was called. Basically this girl (tomboyish) buys this potion and her wish is to become a boy....and she does. There's a part in the movie where her parents take her to the doctor for a physical and its confirmed she's a boy. Its really weird but want to know the name of it!!!

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    The movie you're looking for is Willy/Milly and it came out in 1986. Here is the plot description and a link to the IMDB page.

    Plot: Milly is annoyed whenever her mom tells her to behave more appropriate for a girl. She's just not interested in fancy dresses or prom dances. Some day her best friend's little brother offers her a potion which can make her deepest wish come true during a solar eclipse. She goes through with it and ends up with male genitals, additionally. So she has to decide if she wants to life as boy or girl. Her father, who always wanted a son, supports her in checking out life as a boy. Hence Milly changes school and starts out as Willy.

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    Boy's Don't Cry with Hilary Swank

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    Boys Dont Cry

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