My husband got another woman pregnant, what should i do?

I am 5 months pregnant and i just found out that my husband got some woman pregnant i don't know what to do. Part of me want a divorce but another want to forgive him.

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    1 decade ago
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    Get an abortion!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    For gods sake! This man is a complete sh*t! I bet he's saying now "oh honey it was a mistake it didn't mean it take me back we can have a life and a family together" yada yada yada! Have some self respect!

    Was it an affair he was having or a one night stand that resulted in a pregnancy because the baby might not even be his if it's a one nighter. Sorry but either is bad! He's cheated on you. And he may not do it again, but do you want to put yourself through that agony again?

    Also, did he know you were pregnant when he went out and cheated? Because that's worse and he's shown no concern about you and how this would affect your pregnancy!

    Unfortunately some men (and it's quite a large amount), when confronted with the news that their spounce/girlfriend is pregnant, go out and rebel because they're just not ready to settle down and be responsible and they see it as their last chance to do it! Sounds sad, but it's true.

    I'm sorry your husband is such an ***, but only you can make this decision. Don't let your fears of being alone with a baby rule the decision you make. Because babies turn into kids, and kids are smart and they know when something is wrong. And if your relationship doesn't work out then, it wont only be hard on you, but hard on the kid as well. So when thinking about how it's best for both parents to live under one roof, think how much worse for the baby it will be if you give him a second chance and it just doesn't work, either because he cheats again or you just can't get over it.

    But if you choose to forgive him, forgive him. Don't keep bringing it up, shoving it in his face, because when you forgive someone, it means jut that. You forgive.

  • Krissy
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    1 decade ago

    I'm the type of person that would immediately get a divorce, but some people believe that "for better or for worse" includes cheating too. This is a tough decision, but you'll have to make it. Even if you need to just separate from him for a while, then do that. Take your time and go with a decision you won't regret. If you chose to stay with him, you'll need to forgive him 100%. This means not bringing up the cheating years from now, or every time you all get in an argument. Good luck with your decision though, and God bless!

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    I've even read in the Bible where it says divorce is condoned if there has been an instance of an affair. Girl, you are better than him, you can do this, and you don't need him! Obviously he doesn't love you, if he did he wouldn't be out making love to other women.... unprotected at that! He could have gotten an STD and given it to you! He doesn't care about your vows, he doesn't care about your health... what else does he not care about? leave him! your family can help you get through this! nobody should ever stay with someone who does things like this. it wasn't the first time he did it i'm sure... and i promise you it won't be the last

    Source(s): "The best prediction of future behavior is past behavior" - Dr Phil McGraw
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  • 1 decade ago

    I went through that, but I found out when both the children were about 4. I was at the local DQ and her 'dad' said don't they look like sisters? then continued to tell me the story. I was heart broken. But we have continued. I'm one of those keep the family together people. My bf doesn't believe he is the father because the mother is a whore. Was then, is now. My mom lives next door to her so I see the men in and out. But if you see them together, there's no denying the resemblance. Even one of my daughter's friends told her that she looks like her.

    You can stay and hope for the best. Or you can leave. It depends. How strong are you? How much can you hide your feelings? Can you really forgive him? I'm still with the father, but have never forgiven him. It comes up in every fight, crosses my mind everytime he doesn't answer his phone or he's out late, every time I run into the little girl who looks like mine (in a small town it happens quite often, especially since she lives next door to my mom). It is still a major problem that I continue to deal with. Can you continue to deal with it? It really is up to you, but it's such a hard choice to make. Sometimes you have to make that choice over and over everytime it crosses your mind. Good Luck, hun. *HUGS* I know your pain.

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    Wow, what an awful time to be betrayed. You two need to sit down and have a frank discussion about what went wrong. You are considering staying with him, is this because you love him or because you are afraid of being alone, perhaps both? What does he have to say for himself? Is he in a relationship with this other woman? Is she aware of you? Is she keeping the baby? How does he propose to care for both children? Can you ever trust him again?

    They are just some of my questions - I bet you have loads. I really feel for you, this is a nightmare.

    Whatever you decide I hope that you have some other people in your life ready to support you. Best of luck x

  • 4 years ago

    Leave him!!! are you nuts?? you can have a clean break. my ex husband cheated on me several times and we have a kid together. It's true that cheaters never stop. He has a woman in his house and still tries to come slither next to me. I told him that I am going to tell his girlfriend. He said "so, she will be gone and i will get someone else." He might not be as bad. You have no baggage keep it moving. The hurt will disappear over time.

  • 1 decade ago

    DIVORCE DIVORCE DIVORCE. how will u explain to ur child as it gets older that their daddy as other children and yet yall have been married. and once a cheat always a cheat. hes grown so why didnt he wear protection. he could do it again and give u an STD. and he could have cheated before he just got caught this time becasue the girl got pregnant. and that is a very hard thing to forgive. u think u can forgive him until yall have an argument one day and it is brought up... and u have to think that the women he cheated with will be in his life for the next 18 yrs until that child is grown.. so do u think u could trust him riding to her house to get his baby??? i couldnt...for u and ur childs best interest LEAVE.. and u may wanna forgive him but wat makes u so sure he doesnt want out thats why he cheated.. get custody and sue for childsupport and alimony if possible.... cuz with him cheating its a sure thing you will have custody.

  • Well, if you are that forgiving, then stay with him. My husband would be sleeping on the couch and be getting ready for a divorce. Good Luck to you.

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    1 decade ago

    I couldnt forgive him! I would divorce him, even though you love him, would your child want to know that his/her dad didn't really want your baby so he went and made another woman pregnant instead. I would leave him because he should never have gone behind your back, get some support from your mum/dad/sister/brother/best friend. There more help!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The very idea of my husband even touching another woman would make me so sick that I could never even look him in the eyes again. I would get a divorce and move on in my life - and spend my time with people who really care about me - friends and family.

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