is Yahoo biased?Does Yahoo censor?

Sometimes when posting on a board ,posts referring negatively against McCain will not post.Those against Obama usually will.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Of course they are biased. Today (10/17/08) is a perfect example. At approximately 9:00am (PDT) the company's editors ran two A.P. headlines concurrently on their home page. One was abbreviated to such an extent that it ended up simply stated "McCain: 'I Screwed Up' " (see also ). The other stated "Poll: Support for McCain is Eroding". Well when you take these two together it kinda makes you wonder... especially when polls over the past 24-hours have shown that the race is tightening and support for McCain is growing as election day nears.

    To further this point, check out Yahoo's Election Dashboard at . The overall poll numbers stated are in conflict with actual poll results. Furthermore, states that are well within the margin of error are given to Obama rather than being placed into the "Battleground" category.

    There's also a bias with headlines when it comes to the country of Israel. If a slightly negative story on Israel comes out, you can be sure Yahoo will post it on their home page. What about the positive stories on Israel? I haven't seen Yahoo post one yet.

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    1 decade ago

    No, they don't censor in that sense, other than expecting us to abide by the rules. You will find questions like jsut like yours, only the exact opposite, i.e. "posts referring negatively against Obama will not post. Those against McCain usually will." It's probably 50/50.

  • 5 years ago

    Yes,ABSOLUTELY Yahoo routinely censors(hides)news commentary by posters-especially anything disagreeing with Obama.

    Fun to watch yahoo "subtracting thumbs up"comments to anything their left-wing bias censors don't like.

    Yahoo even makes it very difficult to post-"misspellings & ommissions of typing letters as one tries to post.

    PRAVDA could have taken instructive lessons from Yahoo...

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    Yahoo does not strictly censor -- they have rules and allow the users to enforce them. Posts against either party may end up being reported by users and removed as violations. Also, posting answers with multiple links may end up not posting due to issues with the YA software. If links are needed, you might need to post the answer without links, then return and add links later.

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    1 decade ago

    of course they censor things! it's Yahoo!

    watch this: ****** sucks!

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