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Do any of you that are planning on voting for Obama actually doing research on the issues?

Have you really done research to find out what will happen if he becomes president? Have any of you done research on his horrible health care plan? Also where do you think its going to get funded from? Have you bothered to research that at all either? What about his taxing the higher brackets? Dont you realize that if this is done than all they are going to do is raise the prices of their services so that in the long run we are STILL paying for it anyway. With the economy the way it is right now is this something we can really afford? Also, if he is going to raise taxes on businesses dont you think they will take their services overseas to lower the cost of employment since they wont be able to afford paying their employees here? I already know people who have had to take pay cuts because of the way things are already never mind if he becomes president.

Im not saying that I agree with everything McCain says either, but if you do the research I dont see how anyone can vote for Obama to be our next president. I dont see anything good that can come of it other than the fact that its going to slow down illegal immigration since they dont even want to be over here anymore. That should tell you something right there.


I dont remember who has said it but I do not classify myself as a republican. I have actually voted democrat in every election since I was able to vote except for this one. I research the issues, on my own and NOT from listning to what mainstream media tells me and vote on that. If you listen to NBC, ABC and all the other mainstream media channels than you are in for a big surprise if he gets elected.

Update 2:

Obamabots....i LOVE that lol

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    I am not planning on voting for Obama. He is no good. He may talk good but if you listen to what comes out of his mouth, it is obvious that he is making empty promises. People (who are democrats) are only voting for him because he is democrat. They don't look at the issues that he is raising. In this crucial time in our county, the last thing we need is for someone to come into office and raise our taxes. Even if it is for people only making $250k or higher. It will still effect us.

    MCKAIN/PALIN 2008!!!!!!!!


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    It's impossible to know the future.

    However, I know enough to make an intelligent choice. That's why I not only reject McCain (who's health care plan will result in FEWER people having health care, and those who do paying much more for it), but actively support Obama.

    He's explained how he'll fund things. If you refuse to listen to anything he says, and only listen to people who continually lie about him, you'll never understand what he actually intends to do.

    The Bush policy of NOT taxing the people who have most of the money has not resulted in any of the things he and McCain have been promising, like more and better jobs, lower prices, or a stronger economy; they've produced the opposite results.

    When the rich don't pay tax, they just pocket that money, and the people with little money have to make up the difference, and go without vital services.

    Slashing taxes paid by the rich, and increasing taxes on everyone who's barely surviving (which is McCain's plan) is NOT what we need most right now, but the exact opposite of what we need most.

    Don't YOU realize that the entire economy is in danger of crashing, because the vast majority of us have no money with which to buy anything, which is destroying manufacturers and sellers?

    Under Bush's "Don't tax the rich" policy, jobs have been flying out the country at unprecidented rates. The few jobs that have been created don't pay a living wage.

    I don't agree with everything Obama says, but I don't see how anyone can vote for McCain. He will carry on and expand EVERY disastrous policy of Bush's that has led us to the dire situation we're in now.

    I don't listen ONLY to mainstream media tell me, though I also listen to them (they do say true and relevant things sometimes). Mostly, I put greatest weight on those who have a strong track record of being right, and use the brain I have to remember the past, and judge relative credibilities and plausibility.

    If you want to live in a world in which we're engaged in even more wrong and harmful wars, everyone on the planet hates us; where a very, very few people own almost everything; and where the environment is going down the tubes, vote for McCain.

    BTW, why does McCain support the oil companies refusal to drill in any of the places they're already authorized to drill? Because they OWN him, perhaps?

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    OK so what about the part where we, the middle class get a tax break. So maybe it breaks even. As it stands now prices are already going up. Wall street is being rewarded for their greed and both candidates have plans that reach into the tax payers pocket even deeper. Yes I've done the research and have to say neither candidate has a good plan. Hoping the business's will have more income because we have more money to spend is a bit of a fantasy since business's oh say like oil, are influenced by stock speculators who can raise the price of oil on the chance that a hurricane "may" damage some refineries. I love how the price of gas goes up before the storm hits much less before that gas hits the pumps. His plan will require a great deal of regulation to make it work, true. But it's regulating the rich to insure they don't continue to cheat the system as they have been allowed to do for decades. Now, have you done the same exhaustive research on your boys plans? I have and they suck too! The other point I wish to make is when is the last time you saw a President actually implement one of his election plans after elected. Neither one can implement anything with out a little group I like to call the house and senate. The same guys that take money from those rich guys (can you say lobbyists?) Obama wants to go after. Keep digging into both sides. Again they both suck but many of us are praying Obama will be the lessor of two sucks.

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    Yes I have. I have research quite a bit actually, and Obama is what this country needs right now. I am an independent and I have two children I believe in choosing the person that will make this country and world a better place for them and thier future. I think that you are misinformed. You mentioned his taxing of large companies, this is true that companies that continue to send jobs over seas he is going to tax, also though he is going to give tax breaks to companies that keep jobs here in the U.S and create jobs. I do not want to ofend you but you do need to look further into the issues. I respect McCain for his service time in Vietnam but he is truly going to create a far worse economic situation if he takes office and god help us all if he were to pass away and leave Palin in charge.

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    Have you?

    If you believe his healthcare plan is horrible, than you are one of the ones who believe that foolishness about it being Universal Healthcare. It is NOT. Its the government stepping into the health insurance game.

    All it is is the government provided another choice in health insurance. You can go to a health insurance business for your insurance, or you can choose the government health insurance. Its not replacing our health insurance system, its joining it.

    Did you not notice that McCain came up with a whole bunch of government plans, but when Obama asked him how he plans to pay for it, McCain only came back with "you like big government."

    McCain actually plans on spending more, significantly more. He came out with a whole bunch of government plans, plus the very expensive Iraq War. Then he says he's going to cut taxes.

    That leads to an even higher National Debt. If mcCain isn't getting the money from us, he has to get it from somewhere else (like Bush did with the Iraq War). He will borrow it from other countries, run up the National Debt that way (which is money we owe as a country), and that will only further devalue the dollar and finish off our economy.

    Obama is getting rid of the expensive Iraq War, raising the necessary funds to pay for what he wants to do, and investing money into ideas that at the time of fruition will significantly lower the costs of running government. He does less spending than McCain, and when he does spend its into things that will eventually make running government much cheaper.

    And businesses will not go overseas. They lose the American Consumer base if they do. And no one on this planet spends more than Americans do. No business is stupid enough to give up all that money.

    But they cannot sell to the Middle Class if the Middle Class has no money. Obama is right that we have to spread the wealth around. Not for fairness, but for business.

    The businesses cannot sell to those who have no money. If the rich have all the money and won't give it up, then we have to take it from them to give to the Middle Class. Again, not for fairness, but to give the money to those who will actually spend it.

    They will spend it on the products made by the rich. The rich still get their money, they just get it from the Middle Class consumers and not through Socialism from the government. It will be Capitalism again when the rich actually have to work for their money.

    True Capitalism. Obama is the one with the plans to bring it, not McCain. McCain is a good guy, but his plans are perfectly designed to destroy Capitalism; and leave a power vacuum that will almost certainly lead to Fascism or Socialism.

    Not because he wants to, but because he is working with outdated economic theories that just don't work anymore. He will collapse our system, Obama's plans move to save it.

    Maybe you should be the one researching, I did my research.

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    Yes, I have thoroughly researched Barack Obama's plan, and I believe that you are wrong. Obama has a clear and evident plan that will help the economy in some time. He is a very intelligent man planning for the future. It was the incompetent Republicans that set us back; if Bush would have put a slight increase in taxes when 9/11 and the war with Iraq occurred, then we would have not been in this economic crisis. With the extra money flowing into the government, they could have acted faster with the war and for this crisis. Uh, yeah, I would check your research if I were you because, clearly, you have no idea what you are talking about.

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    Yes I have compared Obama's health care plan to McCain's. I understand them both and much prefer Obama's plan.

    I also have listened to both economic plans and McCain is BushCo all over while Obama addresses the needs of the people, not the needs of corporations. I want to see businesses moving jobs out of the US put out of business. I want the richest people taxed the most. I want tax cuts for 95% of the people.

    I have researched as you suggest.


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    I did do the research, pulling from various sources and am quite comfortable with the vote that I have already cast for Obama.

    Not only is there nothing you can say that would cause me to doubt that vote, there is nothing that can be done about it now. Vote is cast and I'm content.

    Here's what I don't understand - I am able to respect and understand that someone having thought critically can come to the conclusion that McCain is the right candidate for them. Why do so many assume those who have chosen to vote for Obama haven't done the same? I hear in my day to day life and then on here so much anger towards Obama and his supporters but nothing going the other way. If I were McCain, I would be embarrassed by my supporters and their lack of respect for their fellow citizens.

    Do I support McCain? No. Do I think people who do are stupid? No, not until they spew out unfounded lies and garbage. Until then, they deserve the same level of respect that I expect from them.

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  • Anonymous
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    I have done the research on both...

    and BOTH dont offer that much change.

    Im voting voting or Obama for two reasons

    1) Palin

    2) The downright racist scumbags that have come out for this election. Turn on the news today and you will see. (outside palin rally...hate mail to supporters...death threats)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Stop insulting my intelligence and get off of your self made pedistol. It's OK for people to have a different opinion than you. Thats what America is all about. Geez! For people who claim to loooove America, republicans sure hate freedom!!

    You must have your baby

    You must believe in god

    You must be christian

    You must own a gun

    You must agree with my views

    You must be crazy!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Obama has satisfactory addressed any and all issues for me. I am ready to vote today for Obama.

    You Republicans, don't have much time to find out exactly what McCain is for besides his negativity towards Obama.

    Obama for the win.

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