Best driving directions from Woodlawn MD to Ashburn VA?

I live in woodlawn MD and drive to Ashburn VA, for work, I take rte 70 to rte 340 to rte 15 to rte 7 daily and the commute is not that great. I wanted to know if there is another route to take. Help!!!!

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    hi there,here"s another route for you.more scenic!

    Driving directions to Ashburn, Virginia

    67.6 mi – about 1 hour 16 mins (up to 1 hour 50 mins in traffic)


    1. Head south on I-695 S 5.0 mi

    2. Take exit 11A-11B for I-95 toward Washington/Baltimore 0.3 mi

    3. Keep right at the fork to continue toward I-95 S 0.1 mi

    4. Keep left at the fork to continue toward I-95 S and merge onto I-95 S 21.1 mi

    5. Take exit 27 for I-495 W toward Silver Spring/Bethesda 0.6 mi

    6. Keep right at the fork to continue toward I-495 N and merge onto I-495 N

    Entering Virginia 18.7 mi

    7. Take exit 45A for State Hwy 267 W 0.4 mi

    8. Merge onto VA-267 W

    Toll road 18.4 mi

    9. Take exit 5 for State Hwy 901/Claiborne Pkwy 0.4 mi

    10. Slight right at Claiborne Pkwy 1.2 mi

    11. Turn right at Hay Rd 1.1 mi

    12. Turn right at Ashburn Rd/VA-641 0.2 mi


    regards pops..

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