Universal Health care?

The only state in the US to have Universal Health care, is now shutting down the free health care, because they do not have the funds to cover all the children. Parents droppedtheirr insurance on their children, and opted for free govthealthh care and now Hawaii does not have to money to fund free health care for all its children. Now it is time for every one to see, that UHC is not the way to go, it is going to break the govt. and the estimate cost of $50-60 billion dollars a year, will not even cover free health care. It has not worked in Hawaii, and is not going to work for our nation. The children will no longer have coverage as of Nov. 1st.

This was reported by our local news I do not know if it is posted on their web site But it is WRAL.com

What do you think about this and knowing that UHC is going to be a huge failure, unless of course Obama increases everyones taxes, and he will and even then it will be a stretch to make it work. Will this affect your vote in any way?

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    Universal Health care is a MUST

    The only problems are

    (1) How is it set up?

    (2) How is it paid for

    In England where their system began 20+ years ago, a group just sat down and decided how much each treatment cost would be paid to the doctor. Some doctors signed on since at least they would have guaranteed payment of their fees, others chose to Opt OUT saying the fees were too low and they would rather only have patients that could pay on their own.

    Even vision care was added but the system only paid $10 for any glasses needed. The result was only the worst looking cheap frames were used but it was better than nothing.

    Other countries developed similar systems, usually paying the doctors somewhat LESS than they got outside the system

    (2) How was it paid for? Every employer had to put their employees under the health plan if the worker was full time. This led to many employers hiring PART time workers so they would not have to pay health care.

    In Canada, each patient has to pay for some of hi/her treatment. Even seniors have to pay $100 each year for drugs up to that amount. After that they are free.

    Senator Clinton tried a universal system which did not fly because she did not investigate the four or five in Europe that DO work, e.g Sweden for example.

    Hope this brief history helps to understand the problems, all of which will be solved.

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