Multi PCDs Alloy Wheel?

I own a Jaguar iForged 20" alloy wheel and would like to use it on my all new Honda Accord. But it doesn't fit since both car has different PCD.

One of alloy wheel supplier in my town suggest me to add more holes to make it dual PCD. So that it can fit in both car.

What I'm concern about is whether will it be safe for me to add holes and make it dual PCD on a single wheel?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    I wouldn't recomend doing this yourself.

    It all depends on the design of the wheel as to whether it would be safe. If the holes are too close then the wheel centre is weak and could simply shear away from the wheel leaving you driving on the hub! Not funny at 70mph.

    General advice would be, the wheels aren't designed to be multi pcd so don't use them as that. Buy a properly manufactured set for your car or with multi pcd and sell the others to help pay for it.

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