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Is the possibility the next POTUS may appoint 1-3 supreme court justices influencing your decision?

Personally, I want a SC justice to always rule in favor of individual rights and property rights over the rights of the government and to stick to the Constitution, not read stuff into it that comes from the justice's own opinions and politics.

One reason I may vote McCain over Barr is that I'm afraid Obama will appoint a Ginsburg or Souter type justice who favors government as they did in Kelo v New London or DC v Keller ( or past justices did in schenk v US or west coast hotel v parrish) or who wants to read in non-existent language in the constitution as they did in Santa Fe Independent School District v. Jane Doe to remove voluntary religion from public life


the judges who voted to uphold dredd scott, plessy v ferguson, and schenk v us, were all trained lawyers and "experts."

Just because Obama went to law school, doesn't mean his interpretation of the Constition is not infallible!

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    That's why I'm voting for Obama.

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    If I had to choose based on that and that alone, it'd be Obama. The court is leaning more and more right, and the SCOTUS is one place that absolutely must remain in the center if we ever hope to remain civilized. If we lose balance there, that is when the people of America really lose their voices. Things the President does are one thing, but that court...that's the heart of it all.

    If you really DO pay attention to SCOTUS and the decisions it renders, I'd be surprised to see you vote for McCain based on that. In all reality, the two that may leave are Ginsberg and Stevens. Both lean left, but trade off on being the swing vote from time to time.

    If one of them leaves, they need to be replaced by someone like them.

    Politics really should have no bearing on membership on the SCOTUS, for what it's worth. I know that isn't realistic I'll settle for a balance.

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    Obama went to law school at harvard and taught constitutional law at the chicago school of law for 8 years. Mccain went to a navy academy. Who would you trust to interpret the constitution and appoint justices?

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    Yes it does.

    But it was both Conservative and Liberal judges where the ones who favored the Government in the Kelo vs New London case.

    Sandra Day O'Connor(Liberal) was against it and says it was part of the reason she retired.

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    Obama's greatest strength is his ability to deceive the people. Obama will only allow the people to be part of "his" America that agree with everything he says. No checks - no balances - just socialism. Obama will crush the American dream; the first step in controlling the masses. Wake up people.

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    cia/dibold stole the election for the new world order puppet bush..

    the real damage of this is in fact the supreme court justices that the new world order under bush subsequently apointed..

    this is why it is essential the new world order steal the election for mcain.. so they can complete their takeover of the supreme court. they already stole the white house.. and much of congress. (notice pelosi blocked impeachment) (notice leiberman came out of the closet)

    bush is gone in 4 years.. 8 at the most.. same with any future "bush" .. but supreme court justices remain for decades...

    the new world order will need the supreme court in their quest to destroy the us constitution.

    4 more years of bush .. will give it to them... *bush is synomionus with the NEW WORLD ORDER.

  • Absolutely. McCain was not my 1st or 2nd or 3rd pick, but he has said if elected he would appoint originalist judges.

    The only thing we can do is wish Roberts, Thomas, Scalia and Alito good health, and hope Kennedy comes to his senses.

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    Obama is for big government, and I agree with you, I am afraid that he would most likely be in favor of a SCJ that is also for big government.

    The rights of the people should hold more power.

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    Yes, which is why I'd probably vote democrat even if I didn't like the nominee. The GOP has done way too much court stacking and it needs to be reversed.

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    Most definitely, it's one of the biggest influences the president has. I wish more people realized it.

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